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Golden Nuggets: Randle Silences All but One WSU Fan

Here's a sampling of what Monty, PC, and Randle said in the post-game press conference room:

California Head Coach Mike Montgomery:

On Jerome Randle and the game
Jerome's night was great. He played great. We shot well early; we caught them off guard on the break and got off to a quick lead. We need to make the adjustments. Tonight we went small, used different screens. The intensity turned in the second half, we let them catch up and WSU became the aggressor. WSU played well, Thames and Moore played well. We were on our heels on defense, something to work on.
Tonight was a huge road win, especially for this conference. We would hate to head to Seattle with a loss tonight. With the adversity, we opted to go with short bodies, and we got tired, didn't have as deep of a bench.


California Guard Patrick Christopher:

On the game
As a team, we didn't miss. Our defense wasn't as great, I wouldn't call it the x-factor. We're out here with a road win. Jerome (Randle) shot well, 39 points and nine assists. We had zero free throws in the first half, we were confident in the way we shot.
Tonight we mixed it up with our guarding. We are always trying to play a complete game. Tonight we made the shots and they didn't, that's the game of basketball. We were getting the key stops. Jerome Randle is a dominate ball handler. Compared to other games, we know what we're capable of.

On the upcoming game with Washington Saturday
Washington on Saturday, we're excited, they're always a good team to play.


California Guard Jerome Randle:

On his knee
We both stopped, he stepped on it. Everything is okay.

On the game

Tonight we needed to step up, we took to the challenge. We were aggressive and made the plays. We've never attacked like that (the first half). We know how to sustain that. We are at our best when transitioning, we did that well tonight. We need to focus on stops and rebounds. 

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