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Cal Hoops Open Thread: Men at Wazzu, Women vs Washington

Time: 7 PM, TV: NONE, Audio: KFRC 1550 AM
Injury update: Jorge (out), Sanders-Frison (doubtful, back spasms)
Opponent Blog: Coug Center

There'll be a few times when men's and women's gavme overlap this year, so for simplicity's sake we'll combine them together. Curiously the women's game is on TV while the men's one is...not. Nice job with these fabulous TV contracts Tom Hansen. Hope someone spiked your umbrella drink on your Euro cruise with Pepto Bismol.

Let's start with the men stats, courtesy of Pomeroy. Advantages bolded.

Team breakdown

Team Offensive efficiency Defensive eff Tempo eFG% TO% Off Reb % FTA/FGA
Cal 119.6 (4) 93.2 (62) 70.9 (64) 52.8 (53) 17.5 (29) 36.1 (69) 31.7 (286)
Wazzu 108.9 (64) 101.3 (186) 68.4 (177) 53.0 (48) 20.7 (152) 38.1 (36) 50.6 (10)

Individual Cougars

Alpha dog: Klay Thompson--86.3% of minutes, 30.9% of possessions, 34.6% of shots, 53.1 eFG%, 58.7 true shooting %, 6.2 fouls drawn per 40 minutes, 46.3 FT rate, 114.1 offensive rating.
Who draws the defensive assignment? Patrick Christopher, maybe plenty of Theo and some Nikola too.

Second banana: Reggie Moore--115.8 offensive rating, 51.7 eFG%, 60.5 true shooting %, 27.4 assist rate, 2.9 steal %, 6.1 fouls drawn per 40 minutes, 88.4 FT rate, 76% of minutes.
Who draws the defensive assignment? Jerome Randle

Top defender: DeAngelo Casto--24.4% of possessions, 14.6 off. rebound %, 19.2 def. rebound %, 9.1 block %, 5.1 fouls drawn per 40 minutes, 54.5 FT rate
Offensive assignment: Jamal Boykin, maybe Max Zhang? If one of them can have a big game down low the Bears could be in business.

Role players: Nikola Koprivica (121.8 offensive rating, 48.6% 3 point shooter) & Marcus Capers (113.3 offensive rating, 53.4 eFG%, 3.0 block %, 68.5 FT rate)

What this'll probably come down to: How well Cal can attack the basket and subsequently get to the line. The Bears have relied a lot on their outside shots to carry them to their victories, but considering how the Cougars attack the basket and get to the line, it'll be paramount for Cal to not fall too much in love with their jumpers, since a cold shooting streak could sink them in a close ball game. Replicate the USC strategy and they have a great shot at pulling this one out.

After the jump, norcalnick covers the women's hoops game.

Women vs Washington Huskies

Time: 7:00 PM PST
Radio: Link for Cal audio: or KALX 90.7
Streams: Probably none, but check the comments for potential streams.

Cal (6-8, 0-3 Pac-10) finally comes home to Haas after more than a month on the road – although they never left the state of California. They face a resurgent Washington team enjoying a three game winning streak in Pac-10 play. Washington is led by Sami Whitcomb, who leads the Huskies in every major statistical category except blocks and field goal percentage. She does have the tendency to turn the ball over and doesn’t shoot a high percentage, so hopefully the Bears can frustrate her defensively.

Washington’s best win is probably at home against ASU. Hopefully Cal is in fact the best team Washington has faced to date and the Bears earn a much needed home win. And if Cal loses? Well, at least Washington State (at 5-10, 0-4 in the Pac-10) is up next…