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Golden Nuggets: 20 Questions with Bak Bak!

I have waited for this day since the start of basketball season.  Ever since Faraudo started his 20 questions segment I would eagerly await for a certain guest to be interviewed.  Well this week is the week I have been waiting for.  That's right, this week's guest is none other than the great Bak Bak!

The scariest thing you’ve ever done: I was like 14 (and living in Kenya) and I got in a fight with another guy. My little brother was crying, and he said, `That guy beat me up.’ I was going to ask him (about it) and he hit me, so I turned around and hit him, and he fainted. I thought I hurt him. I didn’t go to jail.

The most unusual thing you’ve seen in Berkeley: Every morning I come to the campus and find people sleeping on the sidewalk. I knew there were homeless people but I never knew they lived outside.

If you could be an Olympic athlete, other than basketball, your sport/event: Soccer. I used to like soccer and my favorite player was David Beckham.

You grew up in Kenya, so why not distance running: When we played soccer, we’d work out in the morning and sometimes we’d run like 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) so we could get in shape. I was running anyway.

The sport you refuse to watch: Golf. I don’t really get it. A person can hit a golf ball and people will follow him, and he’ll hit it again. I really don’t understand how fun it is.

The actor who plays you in the movie version of your life: There is an actor (Djimon Hounsou) in the movie `Blood Diamond’ _ he’s definitely going to play my part. He’s from somewhere from Africa. The way that movie is, is the way my country (Sudan) is and how we get out of there.

Food you will not eat: Seafood

Three people in history you’d like to have dinner with: The first person is definitely going to be George Washington. And Nelson Mandela. And maybe Kevin Garnett.

The smartest guy on the Cal team: When it comes to the basketball side, I’m going to go with Harper Kamp. He’s the kind of guy who understands everything.

The funniest: Markhuri Sanders-Frison. Whenever he’s in the locker room, people don’t get bored.

After the jump we have some power rankings, Monty's Tuesday press conference, Calonge on why Kiffin shouldn't be much for Belotti/Tedford/Riley to worry about, and a look at Cal's place in Ted Miller's top moments of the season.

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