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Golden Nuggets: Pac-2?

Jon Wilner doesn't have much confidence in the Pac-10 receiving more than two bids this year.  It's premature doom and gloom, but he has a good point.

But let’s say that Cal earns the Pac-10 automatic bid. Does any other team have the non-conference resume (besides USC) to warrant an at-large bid?

Washington hasn’t won a game outside Seattle.

Oregon lost at home to St. Mary’s and Montana.

Washington State’s SOS is No. 241 (Sagarin).

Here’s the problem:

Cal (or Washington or Oregon … pick a team) isn’t going to improve its at-large profile by winning intra-conference games.

The cannibalistic nature of league play does no good, and considerable  harm, if all the meat is rotten.

It’s not like winning at Arizona would mean much, since BYU won there by 30.

It’s not like winning at UCLA would mean much, since Cal-State Fullerton won there.

Basically, there are no opportunities for Cal (UW, Oregon, etc) to post impressive, RPI-boosting  victories because everyone is stained — there is a plague on all their houses.

And it’s not like the selection committee will gather ’round and declare: "We have to have at least two Pac-10 teams in the field."

Instead, it will disregard conference affiliation and compare one at-large candidate to another.

It will evaluate UW and Oregon, for instance, to teams from the Big Ten and ACC and Big East.

And it sure seems like the Pac-10 will come up short on all fronts.

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