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Bowl Game Blowout! Open Thread for Non-BCS Games on 1/1/10


Outback Bowl

Outback BowlOutback BowlOutback Bowl Game Program
1/1/10 at 11:00 AM EST
Tampa, Florida


Initial Thoughts: Two nondescript teams going at it at 11 AM does a little damage to the notion that player on a New Year's Day bowl is always a big deal.  It also highlights how awful the Pac-10 bowl tie-ins are.
Most Awesome Player: Mike Kafka, Northwestern QB (272/414 for 2,898 yards, 12 touchdowns, 7 interceptions; 130 rushes for 265 yards and 7 touchdowns)
Most Awesome SponsorTrane.  Because it's hard to stop a Trane!


The Line: Auburn -7.5
Accuscore says: Auburn 31.5, Northwestern 21.5
ESPN says: Auburn 41, Northwestern 17
Who you should be rooting for: Not the SEC! Go Wildcats!



Capital One Bowl

Penn State Nittany Lions (10-2) vs. LSU Tigers (9-3)
1/1/10 at 1:00 PM EST
Orlando, Florida


Initial Thoughts: I can't escape the feeling that both teams are just horribly overrated, despite their records.
Most Awesome Player: It would be Darryl Clark if he's playing against a bad defense, but since LSU has a good defense, I'm going with Brandon LaFell (52 receptions for 705 yards and 10 touchdowns).
Most Awesome SponsorCapital One.  Because if I'm not mistaken, they're the only sponsor.

Capital One® logo

The Line: Penn State -2.5
Accuscore says: Penn State 24.9, LSU 20.4
ESPN says: Penn State 21, LSU 14
Who you should be rooting for: Not the SEC.



Konica Minolta Gator Bowl

Gator Bowl
West Virginia Mountaineers (9-3) vs. Florida State Seminoles (6-6)
1/1/10 at 1:00 PM
Jacksonville, Florida


Initial Thoughts: Noel Devine returns to his home state and wreaks havoc upon the...wait, what do you mean that isn't the big storyline here?
Most Awesome Player: Devine, West Virginia RB (225 rushes for 1,297 yards and 12 touchdowns)
Most Awesome Sponsor: Not to be homophobic, but they really could redesign the logo here.

W.W. Gay

The Line: West Virginia -2.5
Accuscore says: West Virginia 33.5, Florida State 29.0
ESPN says: West Virginia 34, Florida State 26
Who you should be rooting for: As much as it would be heartwarming to see Bobby Bowden go out on a high note, I'm a Big East guy.  Go Mountaineers.