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Golden Nuggets: These Eagles Aren't Turkeys

Despite playing an FCS opponent at home, Tedford and Cal are taking the No. 18 (FCS-ranking) EWU Eagles seriously.  Tedford has a great example of what can go wrong should Cal overlook EWU: the tape of Appalachian St upsetting Michigan from 2007.  Mike Tepper says

"They're not crummy players. In no way, shape or form does Cal look at them like they are not a good team. In the 10 minutes I've watched film of them, they play downhill, they play fast and they play hard. You can't overlook anybody. We're not overlooking them at all."

After the jump we have more comments about EWU, TV coverage info for Saturday's game against EWU, Cal press conference quotes, and more.

Continuing from the headlining story, Tedford emphasizes that regardless of opponent, it is up to Cal and Cal alone to lead itself to victory.  If Cal does not play to its potential, bad things will happen.

 "Our preparation has to be a lot about us and not so much who we play. We respect all of our opponents, so this is mainly about us. I think we're mature enough, and we've been down this road before and there's enough examples out there of when you're not ready to play, what can happen."


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