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Golden Nuggets: Rankings and Awards

Today several rankings and awards were released and Cal was recognized and applauded for its performace against Maryland.  Cal rose to 10th in the AP and Coaches' rankings, up to 7th in the ESPN power rankings, and 9th in the ESPNU Allstate standings.  Riley and Owusu received Pac-10 player of the week nods, but they accidentally called Ernie Owusu "Chris Owusu," said he played for Stanford, and named him as special teams player of the week.  Maybe next week they'll get their details straight.  Cam Jordan and Vince D'Amato were also nominated for their respective categories in the Pac-10 players of the week.  Best moved up to third place in ESPN's Heisman Watch where he is closer to the 1/2 spots than he is to 4th.  Beyond football, Cory Nastoff, attacker for water polo, received MPSF co-player of the week honors.  Good job, Bears! Keep up the good work!

After the jump we have looks back at the Maryland game as well as a preview of the upcoming EWU game.  We also have some insight from various Cal football coaches (including injury updates) and an article on DeSean Jackson.

Reminders: You can sign up for CGB's pick 'em league anytime.  Also, don't forget about Cal band's auction.  Buy some unique memorabilia while simultaneously helping out the band.  It's like hitting two EWU Eagles with one stone!