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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 1

PLAINSBORO -- Jonathan Dwyer of Georgia Tech ran for 74 yard touchdown on his first carry.  Jacquizz Rodgers went for 103 yards and three touchdowns.   Reserve Roy Helu topped them both with 152 yards and three touchdowns of his own.

It was a dominant start to the College Fantasy Football year for defending champion Yellow Fever and his fantasy team in defeating Team 1 133 to 68.75.

Check out the jump for more, including the current composite standings in our College Pick'em League, with a 50 dollar gift card to the Cal Student Store to the winner!

"We got tired of hearing from guys like Hydro and Avinash for months about how we were destined to be a finesse team this year because we lost our bell cow in Javon Ringer.  Now don't get me wrong, Javon's a great player, but the guy's probably destined for third-string scraps behind those dudes in Tennessee.   And we've got a couple of guys here who could have run for 3,000 yards in the Big Ten given how terrible some of those teams are.  I mean, Navy?  Are you serious?"  Rodgers grinned and slapped Dwyer on the back.

"Yeah, just watch.  I'm putting up 400 yards on Maryland this year.  Watching that Cal game made me think me and my Triple Option buddies are going to be the unstoppable force against the eminently movable object!"  Dwyer added.

It wasn't all about the running backs though.  Receiver Michael Floyd of Notre Dame led the nation in fantasy points for a wide receiver with four catches for 189 yards and three touchdowns, and Shay Hodges of Ole Miss and Julio Jones of Alabama contributed a total of seven catches for 123 yards.

"I know Jimmy Clausen's a bit of a d-bag, but the dude throws a nice ball.  He loves flinging those balls all over the place, and believe you me, at Notre Dame we know something about running under balls and grabbing them."  Floyd said to an uncomfortable silence.

Quarterback Robert Griffin of Baylor had a workman-like effort going 15 of 24 for 136 yards and one touchdown.  He later said he was trying to disprove the myth that all Big 12 quarterbacks are capable of lighting up the scoreboard, and decided he would save his energy for another week in the battle for the starting quarterback job on Yellow Fever when his primary competition, Jeremiah Masoli, failed to get his team a first down until well into the third quarter of his game against Boise State.

"It's like they say - when you're in the forest and a bear's coming after you and your buddies, you don't need to be the fastest guy in the world, just faster than the slowest guy in your group.  And that dude was really slow this week." Griffin chuckled.

Also contributing for the fever was its dominant USC (West Coast version) defense and tight end Mike McNeill and kicker Alex Henery of Nebraska.  Coach Fever was reportedly pleased with their efforts despite the fact that their names are oddly misspelled.


TimeForSomeAction rolled over Rag's Doombringers 122.25 to 104.25 in the latest Colt McCoy/Sam Bradford showdown that was called on account of injury.  Ironically, both teams had backup quarterbacks that performed better than their more-heralded starters.  Rags continues to embarass us all by not only starting Toby Gerhart with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, but also Eric Decker of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

The Holmoe Phobes fell to dballers_are_all_loose 123.5 to 107.25 in the highest scoring affair of the weekend behind subpar efforts from the lesser Rodgers brother and a weak running game.  Todd Reesing of Kansas carried the day for the Holmoe Phobes with 287 combined yards and four total touchdowns on a day when backup Mark Ingram of Alabama ran wild for 185 total yards and one rushing and one receiving touchdown.

Proving that being an unabashed homer can pay off from time to time, the Ghosts of Ty Willingham slipped by the Rock Runners 88.75 to 79.25 behind superlative efforts from Kevin Riley, Shane Vereen, Nyan Boateng, Marvin Jones, and the California defense, helped out by 77 receiving yards and two touchdowns from Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State.  The Rock Runners were stymied by weak performances by quarterback Terrelle Pryor and running back Kendall Hunter.  That LeGarette Blount did not show his fighting spirit until after his game with Boise State did not help his team's efforts.

Syd'Quan Thompson playing quarterback is not a good thing, as shown when Energia del Burro defeated Syd lines up under center 82.5 to 77 in a low scoring matchup.  Energia del Burro was led by our favorite player, Jahvid Best, and a solid effort from Jevan Snead of Mississippi, in defeating Tim Tebow and his cast of followers.


T1. Booya - 13
T1. LengthyCoast9 - 13
T1. Mike2009 - 13
T1. Yellow Fever - 13
T5. Josh in Portland - 12
T5. Takimoto - 12
T5. TwistNHonk - 12
T5. whambo's picks - 12
T5. RollOn - 12
T5. Syd lines up under center - 12
T5. goshatgo - 12
T5. Chico Bears - 12
T5. GoldenTorero - 12
T5. Is it Saturday yet? - 12
T5. rjnarayen - 12
T5. Goody - 12
75. Me Win You Lose - 1

Fun Facts:

1. K-Billy's Super Sounds was the only team to pick Northern Iowa.  Almost brilliant.
2. Avinash and Easy-So-Feel-Me were the only two to pick Akron to cover against Penn State.
3. 15 people took Maryland, including HolmoePhobe, dballisloose, norcalnick, AERose, ragnarok, and bowlbasaur.  I didn't know bowlbasaur was still alive!
4. 13 people picked Navy.  F Ohio State.
5. 9 people took FAU against Nebraska.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and let's keep it up.