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Golden Nuggets: Questions Answered?

Saturday morning Carl Steward had a CCTimes article which explained his skepticism about Cal's aspirations for the Pac-10 crown.  He believes Cal has a lot of questions for a #12 team.

Is it politically correct to be skeptical of all the preseason hype surrounding Cal? Everybody seems to buy into the No. 12 ranking and the excellent Rose Bowl prospects, but sorry, I just can't swallow it ... yet. There are just too many unknowns, not just about the Golden Bears but the entire weak Pac-10.

Things everyone should see before becoming believers in the Bears: A couple of strong go-to receivers. Inside running capability beyond Jahvid Best. A defense without linebacker Zack Follett that is as good as its early press clippings. Consistency from Kevin Riley. Efficiency in Jeff Tedford's latest play-calling arrangement with new offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig.

Have I mentioned the freshman field-goal kicker?

As for Best, forget the Heisman blather. Just keep the guy upright and healthy for 12 games. To do that, there'd better be a productive passing game.


After the jump we'll have a collection of articles that explain just how decisively Cal answered those questions.

For the Monday Golden Nuggets, I'll have recaps of all the Cal sports events from the weekend.

Did we see a couple of go-to receivers? How about consistency from Riley?

How was the running game outside of Best?

Is the defense as good despite losses of three senior linebackers?

Was the playcalling efficient?

And what about that freshman kicker?


  • D'Amato quietly scored ten points (three on a 31 yd FG) and seven on extra points.  A fair start, but he didn't have much of a chance to prove much.  His freshman longsnapper Matt Rios has been effective, according to Bryan Anger.  Bryan also expects improvements due to slight changes in his technique.  But with the offense as effective as it was last night, Anger might not see the field as much as he did last year.



Other notes: