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Cal-Maryland Postgame Thread: Grade the Bears

Welcome to the postgame thread! (Terrapins vs Golden Bears coverage)

We'll be doing something a little different this year. You might remember Tightwad Hill used to do report cards of Cal football's performances, position-by-position. We're going to take one very ambitious step forward with this concept. We will ask you to grade Cal's performance. Yes, all of you.

Thanks to the magic of Google Forms, we've constructed a survey for you guys to fill out to give a report card a la Tightwad Hill.  Then when all the surveys are in (deadline is Monday at noon PST), we'll average the grades and compile the insights for a post sometime in the mid-week.

Several additional guidelines:

1) Only grades are required. If you don't want to submit any additional insight, you don't have to. All we need you to do is write in ten to twenty individual letters and characters.

2) However, if you do want to provide additional thoughts on the game, we're more likely to feature you in the report card post! The best insights submitted will get featured. Being funny is good, being informative is great, providing both will be a sure winner.

3) Please provide an alias. We might have something special for the best report cards at the end of the season ("might", if Twist doesn't get us all fired by then).

4) Your email address isn't required, but it'd be easier to contact you if you're featured in the report card post. It will not be made public.

You can click here to view the form and additional instructions! If your browser supports iframes, you might be able to view it after the jump!

More post-game analysis will be up sometime tomorrow. Until then, keep on discussing the game in the comments.