DBD 9.4.09 Oregon is...

I sat and watched both the South Carolina-NC State game and then the Oregon-Boise State game last night and thought to myself "Wow, I've been waiting 9 months for this?" Bad playcalling, sloppy execution, limited watchability...if I didn't know better, I 'd think I was watching the trailers from free porn movies on my computer. But since I never do that I had to accept the fact that all four of the teams on offer last night are just not very good.

South Carolina and NC State are unworthy of mention. If I watch them again this season, I suspect it will be out of pure desperation and I'll be crying, curled into a ball and rocking back and forth on the floor.

Boise State was ok but didn't strike me as anything special. A good QB, some decent players and a crap schedule mean 12-0 is a near certainty for them at this point but if they play a half decent team last night, they lose.

That leaves Oregon. Who are they? WHAT are they? To me, Oregon is...

*going to struggle to win 4 games this year. 0 first downs for 2 and a half quarters. Picked apart by the Boise State QB. Redefined bend but dont break. Sent a "Thank you" gift basket to the BSU kicker and snapper. Absolutely brutal.

*in desperate need of an offensive line. Underwhelmed to say the least.

*in desperate need of a defensive line. Pass rush? Anyone? Anyone know how to rush the passer?

*in desperate need of a new running back. Blount was fat and slow and will now miss a good chunk (if not all) of the season due to his childishness.

*crazy if they think Masoli is the answer. I'm proud to say "HE IS WHAT I THOUGHT HE WAS!" which is overrated, a terrible passer and barely servicable at the D1 level with the current talent that Oregon has on offense. There's a reason he was 5th string last year.

*going to need Chip Kelly to pull it together quick or this season is lost already. The team looked woefully unprepared, lifeless and was only in the game because Boise State's special teams were completely inept.

Those are my initial thoughts on our brethren to the north. 1st game overreation to be sure but I haven't been that underwhelmed by a team since...Cal against Maryland last year. At least the Bears showed signs of life in the 4th quarter of that game. No excuses for Oregon though. Brutal.

What do you think?

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