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Golden Nuggets: Remembering 2003

Today the CCTimes ran an article that looked back on one of Tedford's finest victories, the triple-overtime Cal-USC thriller from 2003.  The article profiles four of that day's heroes: Tyler Fredrickson, Aaron Rodgers, Reggie Robertson, and Adimchinobe Echemandu.  Since CGB is taking questions for an interview with Fredrickson (thanks dballisloose!), let's look at his portion of the article.

At 28, he's back in school — at USC, no less! — studying to become a movie producer.

"Being here is an interesting dynamic," he said recently by phone. "People still want to talk about that game. A couple of my current friends were at the game, and they say, 'I hated you for so many years.'"

For a while during that game, USC fans loved Fredrickson. The first blocked field-goal attempt— from 51 yards — came with 4:54 left in regulation and could have put Cal ahead 27-21. The second blocked three-pointer, in the first overtime, came from 30 yards.

"When we had those kicks blocked, Coach Tedford wasn't too pleased," Fredrickson said.

After the second one, Fredrickson and Robertson (the holder) huddled on the sideline. They reached an obvious remedy: Move the spot of the ball back a half-yard.

Bingo! Frederickson's next try split the uprights.

After the jump we have injury updates for USC (their star DE may not play), a look at how this game may be more important than ever now that both teams have lost, how the day's biggest Pac-10 matchup might be taking place down on the farm, and television coverage maps for Saturday's games.