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Golden Nuggets: Prediction Thursday

Today is Thursday, which means the ESPN bloggers are offering their predictions for this weekend's games.  Ted Miller predicts Cal will win 38-17 saying

California wins in solid but unspectacular fashion, unless that 58-yard Jahvid Best TD run qualifies as spectacular. Bears fans afterwards fret that it wasn't as fancy as it could have been and blame Nate Longshore. 

ACC blogger Heather Dinich anticipates a closer matchup but says Cal wins 35-27.

Ok, so I had a little fun with this one and flipped he score from last year, but it’s not far-fetched. With veteran quarterback Chris Turner returning to his home state, he should perform well, but the Bears have a tough defense and will be more than Maryland's new offensive line can handle. 

Agree? Disagree? Want to offer a prediction of your own? Let us know after the jump.  Also we have Cal-Maryland previews galore, articles on some of the stars on Cal's defense, an unusual Cal season prediction from Jon Wilner, a quote dump from JO, and more.


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Since this is prediction Thursday, I'll start us off by offering my own prediction for Maryland at Cal.  I expect Cal to score only 3 or 7 points in the first quarter due to the unpredictability of Maryland's defense.  The game will remain close through the first half, though halftime adjustments will allow Cal to run away with a victory.  What kind of victory? I have no idea as it depends on Riley and the receivers. Quick guess: 34-13, Cal wins.  More points if Riley is effective in advancing the ball over short distances (through breaking free and scrambling or connecting on short passes).