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What's the Worst Cal Football Ownage You've Ever Witnessed?

To keep on discussing Cal-Oregon (I have no idea why you'd want to), click here for most postgame chatter. One of us will have something more detailed tomorrow afternoon, when our hangovers have subsided.

Is this the worst loss in the Tedford era? Probably. The only thing that comes close to this in terms of FAIL is the Tennessee game, and even that we probably should've forseen the struggles (talented but inexperienced team on the road in a totally crazed environment).

But I know a lot of our commenters have seen worse. Much, much worse. I mean, come on guys. In your decade of experience with Keith Gilbertson and Tom Holmoe, there must be a dozen games worse than this. Let's keep things in perspective and realize that losses like these were commonplace for Cal fans a decade or two ago.

What's the most embarrassing Cal football defeat you remember watching? I'm not talking about nail-biting stakes through the heart like Riley at the goal-line or Longshore throwing a pick-six, I want one-sided games where Cal was down 30 points after one quarter or something of that like. I want total, complete, ineptitude. I know none of us are happy with our coaching staff today, but remember, these games are anomalies in the Tedford era.

Spill everything from your House of Golden Horrors. This is purging time.