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Oregon 42 California 3: Grade the Bears

This thread is for discussion of the Cal-Oregon game only. If you want to discuss other games, please scroll below this post to the post titled "Non-Cal Football Open Thread II" to talk about the remaining games. Thanks!

We love him and all, but this one's on Tedford.

There's no humidity, no East Coast malaise, no depth problems, no severe injuries, no real excuses. Cal got outplayed from snap to whistle, on almost every play.

The offensive linemen couldn't handle any of the blitzes Nick Allotti threw at them, Kevin Riley held onto the ball a little too long and oversailed his receivers. the receivers couldn't make crucial catches early and made critical mistakes, the Ducks stacked the box and dominated Jahvid Best for the second year running, the playcalling was as unimpressive as Utah and Oregon fans had warned us about, the defense couldn't adjust to the outside/screen passing game, Gregory played it safe and dared a guy who couldn't complete half of his passes to complete them, and he did, and the defense didn't adjust, and they turned Duck turnovers into...Golden Bear turnovers.

All of these issue permeate from the top, and the Bears did not adjust and adapt until it was far too late. Cal looked completely unprepared to play this game, and Oregon played a disciplined, smart, strategic plan that took the Bears by surprise and obliterated them from the beginning. It's the Murphy's Law game.

However, let's keep in mind, it's only game one of a long Pac-10 slog. Although we don't control our own fate anymore, a lot can happen if we get back on track next week. Oregon is back to their winning ways, and they're clearly going to be a formidable team the rest of the year. If they have any pride, the Bears will be burning to redeem themselves after this one.

Let's retool and refocus for USC. This season is not over, not by a long shot.

More detailed postgame thoughts later on. In the meantime, fill out your report cards (click here for the link or fill it out after the jump) and discuss the game in the comments! Deadline will be Monday at noon again, I'll try to get the final post up by Tuesday.