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Golden Nuggets: Cheer on Women's Volleyball at the Big Spike Tonight at 7!

More on the Big Spike after the jump. First...

Ted Miller had an interview with a surprisingly entertaining Chip Kelly.

How do you stop Jahvid Best? 

CK: Tackle. 

I knew what I was going to get on that because you did that in the press conference Monday. 

CK: But no one lets me finish. They all start laughing. We need to tackle him when he gets off the bus and when he walks into the stadium. We need to get as many guys to the football as possible and we need to tackle him on every play. He is a great back. I think he's the best running back in the country. He's a talented, talented football player. We need to make sure we hit him. Wrap him up. Get more than one guy to the ball on every play. Really gang tackle him. Keep him in front of us and try and negate his big plays. For a guy his size, he's got great vision and got game-breaking speed. If he can get a seam or break a tackle, it could be a long day for you. 

After the jump I have Big Spike info, an in-depth gametime weather forecast for tomorrow, JO's practice notes, articles on Oregon's recent offensive struggles and how they plan to contain Best, an article on Ludwig, and more.