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Golden Nuggets: Prediction Thursday

It's Thursday and that means everyone and their mothers have predictions for this weekend's game.

Ted Miller predicts a 30-24 Cal victory.

3 out of 4 CBS experts predict a Cal victory. The lone dissenter says:

 I'm not sure we know how good Cal is yet. The fact that it needed every one of Jahvid Best's five touchdowns to beat Minnesota distrubs me. Oregon's offense is just rounding into shape with LaMichael James going for 152 yards against Utah. On the undercard, watch for the DB battle between Syd'Quan Thompson and Walter Thurmond III. The Ducks, wearing uniform combo No. 1,324, catch the Bears looking ahead to USC.

Phil Steele predicts a 37-27 Cal victory.

Bruce Feldman predicts a 34-20 Cal victory.

MSNBC's John Tamanaha predicts a 31-28 Oregon victory, saying:

The overhyped Bears provide the Ducks with a golden opportunity to get that done. Cal QB Kevin Riley hasn’t made any mistakes yet this season ... meaning that he is due for a couple.

Using similar logic, CalBandGreat plans to win the lottery later this week. He's overdue, right?

After the jump we find out why the Bears, according to Tedford, have "the cleanest hands in America." We also look ahead to this weekend's matchup in football as well as the rest of Cal sports' weekend matchups.