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Golden Nuggets: "He's little"

Syd'Quan Thompson's production on the field is anything but "little."

"Last year, I would kind of listen to the receivers and they'd say, 'He's little,' " Thompson said Saturday, shortly after helping Cal to a 35-21 win at Minnesota. "It was like they were saying it to themselves. I could read their lips."
The 5-foot-9, 191-pound Thompson isn't huge. Solid, muscular and fearless, yes. But logic tells you he shouldn't be hitting like an outside linebacker with that body of his.

"They think I'm little," he said of his opponents, "but I play big."

Without thigh pads, by the way. Thompson likes "to feel quick," so he plays with practically no padding from the waist down. His short uniform pants give him about as much protection as a pair of board shorts.
Any story of Thompson's time at Cal has to recount his first game, as a 19-year-old freshman in front of 106,000 howling fans at Tennessee. Playing with a fractured left thumb, Thompson missed tackles that resulted in Tennessee touchdowns of 45 and 80 yards. Cal fell hard that day.

Afterward Thompson met with the media. Not that a guy should be judged solely by his relationship with the press, but it was a telling vignette. He could have skipped it — it was no secret what he would be asked about. He answered every question. He never used his thumb as an excuse.

There was no telling what kind of player he might turn out to be. But he was an impressive young man that night.

"Syd will be all right," Tedford said at the time.

And so it has come to pass, if by "all right" you mean, "I wish to Pappy Waldorf I knew how we're going to replace him when he's gone."

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Many thanks to chicagoaubear who, in addition to providing us with Cal-Minn torrents, has uploaded the HD torrent of Maryland at Cal!