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Golden Nuggets: Best, Riley lead Bears to Victory in the 4th Quarter

Today we have a smorgasbord of delicious nuggets of information.  First off, let's look at Cal's post-game press conference.

Tedford on Sofele's interference and Riley's performance

"Well the hit in the end zone was a football play. I felt terrible about the punt return. The true freshman covering the kick Isi Sofele, as a true freshman he hasn't been in that situation very much. He got down field and he got caught in the situation. It was not intentional by any means. I apologized to Coach Brewster about it because it is not what we are about. It was not intentional. We would never coach something like that. Isi felt bad about it as well."

He gave us a chance and I thought he was pretty excellent throwing the football. His long ball in the first quarter was beautiful. He's making great decisions. He's doing a great job of reading and I feel good about what he's doing."

Best on being tested in the 4th:

"I just think that's a good test for us. Next week we're going into Oregon, and that's going to be another hostile environment. So, I'm kind of glad that they came back and kind of tested us, so now we have that under our belts, so when another team does that to us we know how to handle it."

After the jump we have all sorts of Cal stories from Bay Area newspapers, Minnesota papers, Cal bloggers, and Minnesota bloggers.  We also have some rosy bowl predictions, Cal's updated rankings, and photos from yesterday's game.  Tomorrow I'll have coverage of the rest of Cal sports' results.

First off, many thanks to chicagoaubear for providing torrents of the Cal-Minnesota game.  It's very impressive how quickly he gets these things uploaded for the rest of us to enjoy.  Please be sure to continue seeding after you download the games so the rest of us have a chance to download them too.  Also, click here to vote in royrules22's top-25 poll.  Show your appreciation of the work he puts into that each week by voting in it.