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Golden Nuggets of the Day: Day 247 (Update: Kicking Announcements)

EDIT: Breaking News--There's been announcements about the starting kickers. Yes, plural. Click after the jump and scroll down to find out who.

After 247 days of wandering through the deserts of the offseason, a lone HydroTechnician appears in the distance.  That's right my friends, your thirst will soon be quenched.  College football kicks off tomorrow!  Come Saturday it will rain glorious touchdowns and 75+ yard punts and kickoffs that land in the endzone (right, Giorgio?).    Today we look at some insights from Tedford at yesterday's media day as well as his change in philosophy on rankings, the challenges of studying for Maryland's defense, an informative Q+A exchange between Maryland and Cal beat writers, and more.

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Go vote in the CGB Hall of Fame Wild Card.  It's a tight race between Joe Roth and Aaron Rodgers for the final spot in the Hall of Fame.  Cal Band's has a wide variety of goodies up for auction.  Check it out and remember that all profits go towards the band.

  • Our good friend giantfan5 (aka HydroTechJr) has a picture of some of the new seats that will populate Memorial after renovations:



Now, the breaking news: GreyBear broke it, Okanes confirmed it.

Jeff Tedford named true freshman Vince D’Amato as field goal kicker after practice tonight. Giorgio Tavecchio will continue to handle kickoffs.