FINAL REMINDER: College Pick'em Starts This Weekend!

Again, signup info is here in the original FanPost put up a few weeks ago. This time we may even have prizes, if I can manage to talk Twist out of donating every red cent we get from SBN to the band. (Oh, you didn't know we don't actually make money from this? Your ass better call somebody!) Lines are up, so get picking!

Additional note: Florida/Charleston Southern is officially off the board. BOOOOO

Additional Additional Note: We've decided we're going to give away a 50 dollar gift card to the Cal Student Store to the winner. Now get off the fence and start picking!

Additional Additional Additional Note: Second pick'em group set up. League number 21665, password "gobears". If we have more than 100 people sign up, well, we can go through this all over again.

Be nice. You can find the original CGB team at

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