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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 2

JERSEY CITY - Taylor Potts would not be denied.

The latest Mike Leach completed 36 of 57 passes for 456 yards and seven touchdowns in running up 60 fantasy points and leading the Holmoe Phobes over the Rock Runners 159 to 101.

"I had a blast.  It was just me and my receivers throwing the ball around out there like it was pitch and catch.  And you know, it helped that we were out there playing Rice too.  As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time we played a halfway decent out of conference team." Potts said while being quickly ushered off the podium.


Other significant contributors for the Holmoe Phobes were running backs Derrick Washington of Missouri and Brandon Minor of Michigan, with both going for over 100 yards and one touchdown each, as well as the Florida defense, which allowed a total of 139 yards and only six points to the Troy Trojans.


Yellow Fever rolled by Energia del Burro and 35 fantasy points from Jake Locker 128-115.75  behind a superlative effort from Nebraska Cornhuskers Zac Lee, Mike McNeill, and Alex Henery, who combined for a total of 63 points, or just under what Taylor Potts put up by himself.  That's really kind of ridiculous when you think about it.

Maybe Syd should go under center, as Syd lines up under centerrolled up 144 points to beatTimeForSomeAction 144 to 124.5 , getting big efforts from Jesus in Cleats, running back Jake Sharp of Kansas, and receiver Golden Tate of the Fighting Irish to fend off impressive outings from Colt McCoy, a 200 yard effort from Nic Grigsby of Arizona, and three total touchdowns from receiver Mardy Gilyard of Cincinnati.

The Ghosts of Ty Willingham were handicapped by Cal playing a FCS opponent in Eastern Washington, as Weak Opponent adjustments hit Kevin Riley, Shane Vereen, Nyan Boateng, and Marvin Jones even as the passing game failed to register significant contributions to begin with.  The end result was a loss to dballers_are_all_loose 111-70.75, who were led by Todd Reesing of Kansas, Evan Royster of Penn State, and receivers Tim Brown and Ryan Broyles of Rutgers and Oklahoma, respectively.

Rag's Doombringers brought doom to 1 as receiver Lyle Leong of Texas Tech accounted for 29 points in a 96-63, only nearly half of his opponent's point total.


1. Easy-so-feel-me (27)
2T. Bears Necessity (25)
2T. goshatgo (25)
2T. vanman1013 (25)
5T. kmando (24)
5T. AERose(24)
5T. LengthyCoast9 (24)
5T. Booya (24)
5T. tmoran3020's picks suck (24)
5T. rickysanchez (24)
5T. Goody (24)
5T. class of 87 (24)
5T. AaronTheAwesome (24)
5T. Montezuma's Revenge (24)


Big jumble near the top there - can Easy-so-feel me create some separation in the weeks to come?  We'll have to wait and see.  In the meantime, here's some fun information about how the picks were distributed in week 2:


  • Everyone picked Cal to beat Eastern Washington.  Of course.
  • The distribution for the USC/Ohio State game was roughly 5-1 in favor of USC.  USC respect, or Pac-10 pride?
  • A grand total of eight people picked Houston over Oklahoma State - AERose, Avi, vanman1013, Me Win You Lose, NorcalNick's picks, YoQuieroOski, One if by Land Two if by C, and the Miller Gold Agency.
Good luck to everyone in week 3.