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Golden Nuggets: Gopher Linebackers are Minnesota's Key to Victory

Much like Cal's 2008 defense, three senior linebackers are the focal point of Minnesota's defense.  According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, their ability to contain the Cal running game will give Minnesota a chance to win Saturday.

The numbers are impressive. Triplett is on pace for 156 tackles, Campbell for 144 and Lawrence for 120. There is no question that there is more speed and athletic ability at this crucial position than the Gophers have had in some time.

Now they get their biggest test.

Best may be the best running back the Gophers will face this season. If they can bottle him up and force some third-and-long situations, maybe Riley can be forced into some errors.

Most likely, any defensive success that the Gophers enjoy this week -- or any week -- will begin with the linebackers.

The article also mentioned that "Sane Vereen" has 4TDs.  Just wait until they meet Insane Vereen--he'll score 6 TDs this weekend alone! Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

After the jump we have info on downloading the EWU-Cal game, information for those traveling to Minnesota this weekend, various power rankings/heisman updates, and more Golden Gopher info.