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Cal-Eastern Washington Pregame Open Thread

It's Saturday Morning Bears. Keep in mind you have to wake up early for next week's game regardless, so consider this target practice for the larger goal ahead.

First though we start with some real, legit Eastern Washington highlights from last season! And from the looks of it, it seems they cobbled together every Eagle highlight they could find and smashed it into one video to see what they would get.

If you don't find "HONOR" and "PRIDE" in a team that just went on probation, where can you find it?

This thread is for the discussion of morning games, leading up to the Cal-EWU kickoff. Here are some last links

As for the other games to watch beforehand, here are the notes:

  • Furd-Wake Forest should be on, although there is a possibility of blackout. This is our first real look at the Cardinal this season and whether they will pose a legitimate threat in the Pac-10. We have briefly talked about Wake Forest's problems (and the rest of the slate) in the Pac-10 primer. norcalnick might be the only one in the world who finds this the most interesting game of the week.
  • I’m almost more interested in the Stanford/Wake Forest than USC/Ohio St. In part that’s because I’ll actually be able to watch the furd. Wake on the road is probably their most difficult game in a month (unless the Washington revival is real) and they’d be staring 5-0 in the face. If Luck can carve up Wake’s defense I’ll be even more scared of the Big Game.
  • Michigan-Notre Dame is of course the highlight of the afternoon, mostly for historical purposes. We're kind of rooting for Michigan, only to hasten the removal of the Irish from the BCS picture.
  • UCLA-Tennessee's first half should transition you nicely to Cal-Eastern Washington. AERose has this to say.
  • The thing I see getting UCLA here—and I’m basing this off of very little, is that Tennessee has better offensive depth than UCLA has defensive depth, so Price et al are going to have to come off the field at some time or another, at which point they’re going to get hammered. So I guess I’m predicting that UCLA keeps it close through the half, but the Vols start running downhill in the championship rounds (as it were).

Harsha, our resident Bruin fan, believes his team has bigger issues to deal with.

I’m significantly less worried on the Tenn Offense vs our defense. I’m far more concerned about being torn apart on our offense. Young untested QB in a pretty intimidating stadium behind a very green and shaky O-line. If Kevin Prince can’t get the pass game going, the safeties are likely to play in and kill the run game.

That's all for now. Twist will have the gamethreads up sometime before kickoff.