DBD 9.11.2009 - Welcome to Buckeye Country!

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Stephfon Bennett

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police said they arrested a suspected robber on Sunday after he returned to his victim's home to ask her out on a date.

According to investigators, Stephfon Bennett was one of three men who robbed a couple on the city's north side late Sunday night, 10TV News reported.

Less than two hours after the robbery, police said that Bennett, 20, returned to the home and asked Diana Martinez out on a date.

"We are not exactly sure what he was thinking at the time," said Columbus police Sgt. Sean Laird. "She recognized him right away when he returned and was able to have her cousin call 911."

Martinez told 10TV News that Bennett asked her if she had a boyfriend and wanted to go out on a date.

Go Buckeyes! Beat the Trojans! Yay Ohio!

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