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So we're going to try and step up our recruiting coverage up these next few months. We know that there's been a huge demand for Gabe King and Cassius Marsh stories, but for the most part we are stupid and are poor, and do not have the subscriptions to the big recruiting sites that would allow us to cover it further

Our first step will be an interview with someone who follows Cal football recruiting on a day-by-day basis. Thus this is an open thread to ask questions you want answered on Cal recruits, prospects, etc.

We might do this a few times during the year, so focus on the current and the topical questions you want answered about the current rumor mill. Please put your questions in the comments and fellow commenters, rec the questions that interest you the most and you want to see answered!

Several things.

1) Keep in mind that not all of your questions can be answered, because of all the insider things. So try and make sure that your questions can be answered,

2) It'll work similar to the Tedford and Best questions open threads, but since this is an interview, I'll probably take only the top 15-20 questions, i.e. the ones with the most recs. If the interviewee can get more recs.

3) Try and get your questions in and rec'd by noon Thursday. After that I can't really offer guarantees that your question will be up for consideration, since I'll be sending it to the interviewee that afternoon.

Our second step will be revealed soon enough. Stay tuned.

Be nice. You can find the original CGB team at

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