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Golden Nuggets: Berkelium97 has failed us edition

Well, we've had Berkelium97 as a Member of the Follettariat charged with these Golden Nugget posts for like 1 week now and he's already fallen down on the job. Not literally, you workmen comp vampires! But since he's out, I gotta handle this one. After the fold you'll find some links about Cal news that I have yet to select and, thus, cannot preview. IT'S A BIG SURPRISE!

Both men's and women's tennis have announced their schedules.

Men's soccer starts the year ranked No. 8.

Field hockey revamped and ready to roll!

Men's golf ready for Golfweek Conference Championship.

Women's soccer heading up to Portland to take on Pilots.

Meet the team tomorrow at the Contra Costa Times Fan Appreciation Day from 12-2 at Memorial Stadium. Get there early to get free food! And look for me. I'll be the one wearing blue. Maybe gold. Maybe both at the same time!