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Golden Nuggets of the Day: More than just Tedford's offense

Football had the day off yesterday and today they begin preparing for Maryland.  Today we have a story on how Andy Ludwig is influencing Cal's offense more than any coordinator Tedford has had, some Pac-10 predictions, an inside look at training camp through the sleepy eyes of Mike Tepper, updates on a promising star for women's volleyball, and big news for two former water polo stars.  We also have a look at the 2009 commemorative poster which certainly stands out from posters of previous years.

RoyRules22 has generously put together an intuitive top-25 ballot for CGB to submit their rankings.  I'm sure he would appreciate it if you took a couple minutes to vote in his poll (which will be closing any day now). Now, for the news:

Lastly, we have a look at the 2009 commemorative poster.  Click here for full size.