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Golden Nuggets of the Day: 8.25.2009

Today's post has plenty of follow-up on yesterday's big announcement including comments by Tedford, Marvin Jones, and the starting quarterback himself, Kevin Riley.  Rivals and Ted Miller take a look ahead towards important games for Cal as well as what Cal hopes to accomplish this year.  Sports illustrated has a great interview with Patrick Christopher.  Also men's soccer gets some lofty preseason rankings and we learn about what exactly is a "Bak Bizzle."

Before we get started, I have an administrative announcement: If you're finding that the front page of CGB is getting too crowded (ie stories are getting pushed down too quickly), there is a way to fix that.  Click the "edit settings" button in the left column on the main page.  In the "Edit Settings" tab (which should be the default tab when you open the settings page) you have the option to increase the number of front-page posts, Fanposts, and Fanshots to display.  By increasing these numbers you'll find that the main page will hold many more stories than before.  This should prove increasingly important as we approach the season and reach our maximum production of content for the site.

One more administrative note in case you missed the inaugural Golden Nuggets post: this differs from the traditional DBD (Daily Bear Dump) in that the Nuggets post is a concise collection of Cal stories from the day.  While readers post Cal stories throughout the day in the DBD, this is the place where they are gathered up and posted together.  If you only have a few minutes to spare, you can check this post instead of trying to gather stories by wading through a 500+ comment DBD.