DBD 08.24.09 What Makes You Happy?

Recently, in one of my many time-wasting excursions on the internet, I came across an article that analysed things that are supposed to make you happy (e.g. fame, money, beauty, etc.) and expalined why those things won't actually make you happy. It then went on to say what actually makes a person fundamentally happy is helping other people out, be it a friend, a relative, or charity.

Of course, we are all different people and different things make us happy. For some, it may be the sound of a child's laughter. For others, it may be a new double-breasted ironic blazer. For others yet, it may just be the company of friends. So that's my question for you, friends: what makes you happy?

Also, a side story since some people ask for them. Note, do not read if you hate alcohol, already think I'm a douche, or otherwise still have any sense of decency left.


Was at a club in the city with some buddies, enjoying the Flo Rida and whatnot. Earlier in the night, my buddy and I had scoped out this cute Indian chick that was in line while we were getting in. Anyway, on the dancefloor, I noticed that one friend was helping prove a certain stereotype about Indians true (he may have exuded a certain odor from his body). Always eager to help my friends out, and, by extension, help salvage the reputation of Indian men everywhere (you're welcome!), I decided he needed to smell better.

I dug around my pockets and noticed that I had a portable Axe deoderant bullet in my blazer. I usually carry one on nights out in case I crash at a friend's place and need deoderant the morning after. Anyway, for those of you that have been hiding under several rocks the past several years, Axe is a body spray for men that is supposed to attract every woman within a five block radius, but really, is just a fragrance that tends to be overused by most guys and can be extremely overwhelming. So I pulled out my trusty Axe bullet and sprayed it on my friend.

Remember that scene in Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carrey tries to spray mint in his mouth, but the nozzle is facing elsewhere? This was exactly like that. Also, remember that cute Indian girl I mentioned a paragraph or so ago? I ended up spraying this Indian girl with some Phoenix-scented Axe. And not just mildly spraying - I pretty much unloaded it on her. Needless to say, she was no longer interested in the Rishi Train :(

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