Your CGB Preseason Top-25 Poll!

I'm starting up the inaugural  CGB Top-25 and now is the time to vote for your pre-season Top-25 teams!

To do so simply click here. Be sure to provide your CGB username (if you're a lurker, sign up!).

More info after the jump...

Right now this is still being worked on so I'd appreciate any and all feedback you can provide me. For example, is this easy to use? And what kind of data would you like with the results (i.e. stuff like which user is the biggest homer, how different are we from the AP Poll, etc).

The plan is to open up for voting during the season on Sundays and Mondays and the result will be posted on Tuesday.


Oh and sorry ragnarok/Avi for jumping the gun and posting this. There's not much time left before season starts.

Be nice. You can find the original CGB team at

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