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CGB Meme Invitational - Elite 8 Sanchez Declaration Regional Action

The last matchup of the Elite 8. Sanchez Declaration v. Nailed It! Nailed It! is hardcore, but man, going up against Sanchez Declaration, that's rough. Here is the bracket. Read the information after the jump and then vote in the poll.

Nailed It! is a bit of a Cinderella seed. #6. Beat the #2 seed, Totes/Toads. Nailed It! had to upseat HONK! last time out and managed to pull off the feat. Before that, Nailed It! took on the odd "Giants Did That Last Year" and squashed that 86% to 13%.

Sanchez beat back General Akbar last time out. And This before that.

#1 I Declare You Sanchez via JShufelt

Do you know the definition of inane? I don’t! I tried looking it up, and I don’t think it’s an actual word. That’s what this meme is all about. Inanity, now – I know you’re thinking, "Aren’t all meme’s inherently inane?" – And for thinking that, I declare you Sanchez!


Sucks, doesn’t it? Well too bad. There isn’t anything you can do about it, other than accept this, learn from this, and move on. In its rawest form, declaring someone Sanchez is as inane as you want it to be, but don’t get carried away, or someone will declare you Sanchez. It’s a race to who can call the other one Sanchez first. Who is the Sancheziest? My guess is that it is probably you, because I declare you Sanchez again.

The origins of this meme of this declaration make about as much sense as this sentence. If your computer doesn’t crash, or plumes of smoke tendrils don’t roll out, you probably aren’t as Sanchez as I thought – but I’m guessing you’re at work, which makes you even Sanchezier.

Nailed It! (6)

Lets be honest. I insult Rishi all the time (all the time!) for being painfully uncreative. And he is.

But when it comes to "Nailed It!" I dont have a lot of rock to stand upon. Its just some tagline that bubbled up from somewhere that I fell in love with in summer 2008. I evolved it a little, but not much. A few "Nothing Has Been Nailed" or "Nailed...............It?" things that are difficult to make funny without tone. Even Nailed it works EPICALLY better with tone. You start off with a high tone and head way down with it.

Of course, some people hate it.

But if you read that thread, youll see that I stood up for all that is right and good with it.