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Memorial Stadium Construction Photos 7.25.09

Twas hanging out in Berkeley on July 25 when I thought I'd head up to the stadium to see how construction was going. It's been over a year since the insanity with the tree-sitters came to a head. I can't believe it was last June when the ruling came down from the Judge and the tree-sitting situation exploded. I can't believe it was last June when CBKWit and I infiltrated the hippies lair.

Now, it's over a year later and progress has begun. I had been walking by earlier and noticed a giant open gate to drive cars through. I thought, at first, I could sneak in there, but ultimately decided to just go to the top of Memorial to get eagle eye shots a)because it's a better overall angle and b)we're trying to be all "legitimate" and stuff now. Remember??? Hellooooooooooooooo! So, I got some photos there that I thought I could share with you guys.

On the way over, I noticed that Memorial Stadium isn't the only thing under construction.


Yes, the Campanile is getting a nip and a tuck. Here's the info on that. Click on the photo to enlarge.



The Student Athlete High Performance Center (or "Gym" as Ayr was fond of calling it) is a 3-4 story subterranean project. So, right now, they are in the process of digging a giant hole in the ground and putting in what I can only assume is the foundation for the building. Looking over the side of the stadium is either gorgeous (if you look forward/up) or frightening (if you look down and are scared of heights like me). So, having the ground be even FURTHER away, it was THAT much scarier!











Here's a machine that coulda helped get Dumpster Muffin out of that tree!


The same day that I went to take these photos Sandy Barbour informed the world that the main excavation is complete. So, what you are seeing is the end of the beginning. This is exciting stuff, people!

And, of course, any trip to the top of Memorial Stadium would not be complete without shots of the gorgeous view.



And, of course, this one, where you can get another angle on the Campanile.


So, there are some exciting photos of progress for Cal football. Things are hustling and bustling and hopefully it'll be finished soon! GO BEARS!