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CGB Meme Invitational - Elite 8! Brock Mansion Party Yacht Regional Action

We enter the brave new world of the Elite 8. This is for the Brock Mansion Party Yacht regional championship! Who will be the regional champion? Brock Mansion Party Yacht? Or Danzig? Here is the info on the bracket. Find out more after the fold and then vote, vote, vote!

Party Yacht got a bye to the second round wherein it crushed Marshawnthusiasts love Longshore. Brock Mansion Party Yacht then evicted Twist Evicts Grandmothers.

Danzig is so amazing, he even crushed rising star "Carp's Armored Dog."

Danzig then took out Anguish Ape.

So, there is the backstory. Things are getting interesting, because high seeds are starting to fall. Okanes already fell in the UC Eugene bracket to a Cinderella seed. Can Danzig upend the Party Yacht? It's not going to be easy, but if there's anybody who is good at confusing and hard things, it's Danzig!

Danzig (2)



What to say about danzig? Little is known about this enigmatic gentleman. The Patron Saint Of Awesomeness, he offers little about his personal or private life. He's in the financial sector, somehow. Somewhere. Is he in Europe? New York? Cote d'Ivory?

But he offers so much! He gives us endless videos! Like this one:

Endless awesomeness. We even donated money to the band in his name.

Basically, he's da man! Also, he might be a sentient robot ready to snap at any time. Let's hope not!

Party Yatch (1)

On the left side of the main page, there is a little area for a tagline of sorts. I originally wrote something like about crafting the statue of Longshore. This worked because a)people seemed to think we were irrationally infatuated with him and it owned the criticism and b)he isn't very mobile. Then, Riley became QB (briefly), so we changed it to "the Hall Of Riley." So, I started to think about doing it for other QBs. Like Beau Sweeney's Cajun-Style Family Fun Foodeatery! And for Brock Mansion, I selected a line about him having a party yacht. This is the earliest ref I can find of it.

It blew up from there. It even got it's own theme song:

It was a fairly simple joke that just exploded. So, think about that next time you sit near the Statue of Longshore while eating at the Beau Sweeney's Cajun-Style Family Fun Foodeatery in the Hall of Riley on the Brock Mansion Party Yacht. PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!