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CGB Meme Invitational - More Sweet 16 Sanchez Declaration Regional Action

Here it is. Being declared Sanchez. Against It's A Trap (Akbar). Laughable. But who knows? I guess that's why they play the game, right? And by play the game, I, of course, mean roll out of bed in our Space cadet pajamas jams to demand our mother bring us more hot pockets while we vote on the CGB Meme Invitational. Here is the bracket. Read the info behind the fold and then vote vote vote!

Let's start with the challenger here. Akbar. Always figuring out traps mere moments before they spring on him. Standing at like, I dunno, 3 feet tall, weighing 350 pounds and having scaly pale skin, IT'S GENERAL AKBAR!

Akbar figured out the trap of Somebody's Bitter last time out.

It's A Trap was quite the trap for DBall's Nyan In You before that. Could it be a trap for Sanchez?????

Sanchez took out This last time out (link same as Akbar v. Somebody's Bitter above). That was fairly simple. Can it repeat against Akbar???

#1 I Declare You Sanchez via JShufelt

Do you know the definition of inane? I don’t! I tried looking it up, and I don’t think it’s an actual word. That’s what this meme is all about. Inanity, now – I know you’re thinking, "Aren’t all meme’s inherently inane?" – And for thinking that, I declare you Sanchez!


Sucks, doesn’t it? Well too bad. There isn’t anything you can do about it, other than accept this, learn from this, and move on. In its rawest form, declaring someone Sanchez is as inane as you want it to be, but don’t get carried away, or someone will declare you Sanchez. It’s a race to who can call the other one Sanchez first. Who is the Sancheziest? My guess is that it is probably you, because I declare you Sanchez again.

The origins of this meme of this declaration make about as much sense as this sentence. If your computer doesn’t crash, or plumes of smoke tendrils don’t roll out, you probably aren’t as Sanchez as I thought – but I’m guessing you’re at work, which makes you even Sanchezier.

It's A Trap (13) via Maharg

Throughout the internet, Admiral Akbar has been glorified for his identification of potential traps. It’s been well established that he knows when something is or is not a trap, and many internet commenters have attempted to replicate that knowledge. Personally, that’s something I’ve never tried, because I’ve always known exactly what that leads to, and IT’S A TRAP!!!

So imagine the surprise of CGB, as we approached the Maryland game and recognized the potential for traps upcoming. Naturally, we all expected Maryland to throw out some kind of trap, but it wasn’t until the week before the game that we expected a tarp. Specifically a turtle tarp. It was a tarp, a Turtle Tarp (it’s kind of like a monster mash, but more dangerous!!! Quickly, we realized that the tarp was even more dangerous than a normal trap, and reacted in the natural way. That week we played many games, among them were Truth or Trutle, Truth or Turtle, Trust or Tarp, and many other games in that vein.



Those damn terps through out so many tarps that we couldn’t anticipate all of them, and were left covered under a tarp while they trapped our team with humidity. Spazzy summarized the issue well in our Q&A with Testudo Times "Those Terps talk tough, though. The Trutle tarps that turtles throw tend to trap tame threats. Trutle turtle tarp trap terp tip top tiddly tum tum." Terps, Tarps and Traps. Where’s Akbar when we need him?