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CGB Meme Invitational - More Hot Sweet 16 Bak Bak Regional Action

Oh man, this is getting hot, people. Bak Bak emerges from the locker room to take on the one, the only STEGOSAURUS! This is going to be massive. Here is the information on the bracket. Read the information behind the fold and then vote in the poll.

This is the #1 matchup here. Bak Bak is the #1 seed taking on the #5 seed, Stegosaurus.

Bak Bak first took on SydBoner. That was a big matchup, but this should prove EVEN BIGGER! Of course, Bak Bak cock-blocked SydBoner. Twas epic!

Bak Bak (1)

There has been a lot of bad news coming out of Sudan. Genocide. Horrific human rights abuses.

But finally a ray of sunshine in that terrible, terrible cloud. A shining beacon of hope for a devastated group of people. And by devastated group of people, I, of course, mean Cal basketball fans.

Yes, cometh Bak Bak! He is everything you could ever want in a basketball (or, more accurately, BakBaketball player).



Bak Bak is a new recruit to the Cal basketball team. He's a pretty good player, apparently needs to put on some weight and work on his game a little bit more. But the sheer audacity of his name is so audaciously audacious that total awesomeness ensued. I mean c'mon, how much more do I need to explain this? Dudes first name is Bak. And his last name is.............also Bak. The only thing better would be if his name was Ong Bak.



And even then Bak Bak is probably better. So, from there we somehow turned Bak Bak into some sort of Allah-esque creation, referring to him as "Praise Be To Bak Bak." Or "All Hail Bak Bak." Or "May Bak Bak Grace You With His Presence." Yknow stuff like that.

Bak Bak is going to the finals, you heard it here first!

Stegosaurus has a tough challenge ahead. He's an all-time meme and took on the oddly misspelled meme "Hattin'" Ya, Hattin' is good, but not Stegosaurus good (a sentence nobody ever expected to make sense until now). Stego exctintioned Hattin' and quick. Then he dispatched TuckNJersey, which was difficult (link same as the Bak Bak link above). Tough to untuck the Tuck.

Stegosaurus (5)

At one time during Oregon's 2008 football season, they were having UCLA level problems with QB injuries. They were on their 84th string QB. And so I wrote this DBD:

Enjoy this special, limited time offer to play QB for Oregon

Yes, you too can play QB for Oregon! Didn't think you had physical aptitude or the stomach for mind-crunching hits? Didn't think you could memorize their complicated playbook? Well, worry no longer!

Just fill out this easy questionnaire to see if you fit the bill:

1. Are you currently able to walk?

2. On a scale from 1-10, how much do you enjoy walking?

3. How good do you look in what appears to a jersey dipped randomly in green and yellow paint?

4. What condititon would you say your ACL is in?

I think I could play Oregon QB. Thanks to my Oakland As love, I have a lot of green and gold colored clothes. My ACL has yet to burst. And, honestly, I'm not that enamored over walking. I mean it's OK. I guess.

Put me in coach!

Seriously, though, they are on their 48th string QB. Insane props to them for having a 48th string QB. I think our 48th string QB is Karl Dorrell in a mustache. Actually, I'm about 100% sure it is. 5-48 is just Karl Dorrell in different mustaches. Man do I hope Karl Dorrell loves walking.

If you do become the Oregon QB, you'll be the latest in a long line of prestigious names and even more prestigious injuries. Let's take a look at Oregon QBs through the years:

Dennis Dixon:



Injury: Knee

Akili Smith:



Injury: Brutal Sucktitude

Anne Boleyn:



Injury: Poor grasp of complicated playbook. Also, no head.




Injury: Asteroid-related extinction




Injury: Stubborn Rock

So, there you go. If you take advantage of this limited time offer, you TOO can become a QB as respect as Dennis Dixon or Stegosaurus. Oh, Stegosaurus, you tail caused so many unnecessary roughness penalties.

You can't afford NOT to do this!

And, thus, Stegosaurus was born. Notice the reference to Dorrell's mustache in there. Stegosaurus was also the predicate for our love affair with the CoCoTimes chats with beat writer Jonathon Okanes. In specific, the use of dino names as our handles for the chats. So, this one is a complicated meme that involves several other memes. Am I not a true meme wrangler?