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CGB Hall of Fame Sign Up Sheet



Hi, commenters. Yes, you, I'm looking at you. Although not as creepily as you might think...

Despite our best efforts to publish 64 accurate, condensed, proper biographical summaries of our athletes, we've come up a bit short. We've gotten the majority of it finished, but we're going to need your help to finish up everything to have it ready to go by Wednesday.

Remember those high school days. Well they're back! It's sign up time!

The instructions are after the jump. 

1) Sign up in the comments to write about a particular athlete on the list below! You just have to write their names...we'll update who takes who on the post as commenters start taking assignments

2) If you want to keep your entries private until the contest starts, email us at goldenblogs at gmail dot com with Subject Line "Hall of Fame"; if you don't care about anyone seeing it before the thing starts, just write it up in the comments with your entry.

3) Personal memories and experiences are what we're aiming for, but if you don't have any memories of them, look for media articles on the athletes and find interesting tidbits or outstanding accomplishments in their lives that are worth sharing. 

4) Examples: We don't need you to write up an epic opus like BearStage did for Joe Igber (although we'd definitely LOVE IT); LeonPowe's mini writeup on Mike Pawlawskiososdeoro's quote on Jocelyn Forest or California Pete's paragraph on Vicky Galindo are the sort of things we're looking for.

So we've split who's left into two catgeories. We're not expecting to fill all of these, but we'd love to get as many comprehensive experiences of Cal athletes as humanly possible.

Need a lot of help with (these are still fairly empty, although I'm sure they could get filled quickly in the right hands):

  • Rod Benson: norcalnick
  • Ryan Anderson: rollonubears
  • Jack Clark: carp
  • Lavelle Hawkins: rollonubears
  • Nnamdi Asomugha: R-Rated Superstar
  • The Play guys (Kevin Moen/Richard Rodgers/Dwight Garner/Mariet Ford): norcalnick (if anyone of you have witnessed The Play live, norcalnick's willing to give this up)
  • Sandy Barbour
  • Bob Milano: California Pete
  • Morgan Beck
  • Kirk Everist
  • Mary Meagher
  • Jeff Kent: norcalnick
  • Jerrott Willard: LeonPowe
  • Joy Fawcett: California Pete
  • Suzi Babos
  • Justin Forsett
  • Aaron Rodgers

Need some help with (these are alright and could go as is, although they're a little on the short side and/or many lack personal anecdotes:

  • Tony Gonzalez
  • Shareef Abdur-Rahim: LeonPowe
  • Craig Stevens
  • Thomas Decoud: rollonubears
  • Jeff Tedford
  • Robert Jordan
  • Dante Hughes
  • Lorenzo Alexander
  • Milica Vukadinovic: LeonPowe
  • Jeremy Newberry
  • Ed Gray: LeonPowe
  • Desmond Bishop
For all those who contribute, thanks in advance for sharing the sweetness of Golden Bear history. It's part of what makes CGB such an awesome and special place.

Other than Pedo-Oski, of course.