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CGB Meme Invitational - More Second Round Party Yacht Regional Action

Here is the second set of matchups for the Brock Mansion Party Yacht regional.  Read the information behind the fold and then vote.  Also, here is the bracket, so you can see how the Sweet16 is starting to come together. 

Here is the 3 v. 6 matchup.  CBKWit's Recruiting Post (3) v. Anguish Ape (6).  

CBKWit punched out Hydro punching me out.  It was very violent, because CBKWit punching Hydro punching me.  And I was punching nobody.  How unfortunate to be at the bottom of that barrell. 


CBKWit's Recruiting Post (3)

Last year, there was a recruiting event with Coach Tedford.  CBKWit attended and wrote, not one, not two, but THREE posts, which consisted of about 90% of his posts for 2008.  They were great posts and brought a lot to the table.

This year, there was ANOTHER recruiting event.  CBKWit again attended.  And promised yet another great recruiting post.  Maybe not three posts.  Afterall, Coach Tedford didn't attend this year.  But, surely, at least one. 

I guess there is still a chance that this post will materialize.  But many people seem to believe it wil never, ever happen. 

Like Ragnarok.

Or T-Bred.

Or The Maharg.

Or that CBKWit guy himself.  Even HE doesn't believe it'll happen.


Last time out, Anguish Ape beat up on Leon Powe.  This caused both rollonubears and Leon Powe (the reader) to feel lots of anguish.  It was very ironic. Just like when it rained on my wedding day.

Anguish Ape (6)



I wish there was something crazy cool when it came to Anguish Ape.  Like I snuck into a zoo and taunted an ape until he felt anguish.  At which point, I took his photo.

But in reality, I merely wanted to encapsulate the concept of anguish one day.  So, I google imaged the word "Anguish" and took the first image I saw.  It comes from here.  Which appears to be a Malaysian blog of some sort.  The tagline says "This ape is also waiting for his offer/posting letter." 

I have NO idea what that means.  But I do know what its like to wait for my offer/posting letter and man is it full of anguish!  All I know is that Zoo News in his infinite wisdom slash Photoshoppia rolled with it.  And started giving us stuff like this:



So, there you go.  That's the story behind Anguish Ape.  He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Anguished!










Here is the 2 v. 7 matchup.  Danzig (2) v. carp's armored dog (7).


Danzig got a bye to this round.  Carp's Armored Dog, one of the people's most favorite newest posts, harpooned Ragnarok and his beloved sex-dolphin.  That poor, poor dolphin.  First, Ragnarok violates it, then Carp's Armored Dog beats it out for favorite meme.


Danzig (2)



What to say about danzig?  Little is known about this enigmatic gentleman.  The Patron Saint Of Awesomeness, he offers little about his personal or private life.  He's in the financial sector, somehow.  Somewhere.  Is he in Europe?  New York?  Cote d'Ivory? 

But he offers so much!  He gives us endless videos!  Like this one:


Endless awesomeness.  We even donated money to the band in his name. 

Basically, he's da man!  Also, he might be a sentient robot ready to snap at any time.  Let's hope not!


Carp's Armored Dog (7) via Ragnarok

A relatively new meme, this one has been rising fast.  Carp's armored dog stems from this photo of carp tailgating before last year's torrential Oregon game.


An awesome photo by itself, but it was about to get even more awesome with the following exchange:

/*yellow fever*:  That's an awesome looking dog.  Er, that is a dog, right?

*carp*:  In my hand? we had cheese stuffed jalapenos and baby back ribs. I think that was just foil that was about to be thrown away. We got the BBQ lit in the monsoon with copious amounts of lighter fluid.

*yellow fever*:  I meant the small living creature on your left.

*carp*:  that's a little smokey (BBQ)

*yellow fever*:  Oh, now I see it. Before I thought it was like...a little armored dog. Which would have been awesome./

Yeah, it really would have been awesome.  And voilà, a meme was born!  Because, you know, what could be more awesome than this?