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Your Favorite Cal Football Moments of 2008


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So we've gone through our top ten Cal Football Moments of 2008. Do you guys agree with the list or think it needs some drastic overhaul? Think we've missed anything? And vote--which of these top 10 moments (or others) best define the 2008 season for you?

If you guys need help remembering particular moments, Danzig's highlight reels are a good place to start: Emerald Bowl, UW, Big Game, Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, ASU, CSU, Maryland, Wazzu. PRD74 also has highlights of the remaining games (Oregon State, USC, MSU).

Comment away and tell us what you think!

Again, a look back at the list:

1 The Trees Come Down!
2 Rushing The Field After Big Game
3 Stanford Goal Line Stand
4 Rudy Carpenter takes a ride on the Pain Train.
5 Oregon Fumbled Punt
6 Stanford Hook And Ladder
7 Best Bush Run against Washington.
8 Shane Vereen TD Run against MSU
9 Bryan Anger 72 yard punt
10 UCLA Goal line stand