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CGB Meme Invitational Second Round Sanchez Declaration Regional Action

Here is some hot Meme Invitational Second Round action from the Sanchez Declaration Regional!  Read the information behind the fold and then vote in da polls.  Moreover, here is the bracket so you can see how the Sweetest of all Sweet 16s is coming togetha. 

First up, we have the heaviest of heavy hitters, I Declare You Sanchez.  This could be truly the greatest CGB Meme of them all!  It had a bye into this round as it takes on the #9 seed, This.  This is a Rishi-tastic match up, because he had a hand in both of these.

And as much as This is fairly cool, Sanchez dominates, destroys, mauls, maims This.  But maybe this could be like Charminade beating whatever team it was that Charminade beat.  UVA?  Anyway, This beat up "Whats the ______Word?" in the last round.


#1 I Declare You Sanchez via JShufelt

Do you know the definition of inane? I don’t! I tried looking it up, and I don’t think it’s an actual word. That’s what this meme is all about. Inanity, now – I know you’re thinking, "Aren’t all meme’s inherently inane?" – And for thinking that, I declare you Sanchez!


Sucks, doesn’t it? Well too bad. There isn’t anything you can do about it, other than accept this, learn from this, and move on. In its rawest form, declaring someone Sanchez is as inane as you want it to be, but don’t get carried away, or someone will declare you Sanchez.  It’s a race to who can call the other one Sanchez first. Who is the Sancheziest? My guess is that it is probably you, because I declare you Sanchez again.

The origins of this meme of this declaration make about as much sense as this sentence. If your computer doesn’t crash, or plumes of smoke tendrils don’t roll out, you probably aren’t as Sanchez as I thought – but I’m guessing you’re at work, which makes you even Sanchezier.

#9  This

This (9)

A simple Google search for the word "This" reveals, interestingly enough, the website for "This American Life," a popular radio show broadcast by a relative of Philip Glass.  The search really should have Rishi pop up.  Because when I think of the word "This" I think of "Rishi."  And then I usually vomit a lot.  A lot.  I mean a lot.

Here, though, Rishi popularized the word "This" to mean "I Agree."  I am not entirely sure how it started.  I think because Rishi attempted to write "This is something I agree with" or something like that, but accidentally hit post or something.  I dunno.

But long story short, unlike pretty much EVERY.OTHER.INANE.MEME.THAT.RISHI.HAS.RUN.INTO.THE.GROUND, This caught on.  And is used in every day language.


TwistNHook:  "I've finished this amicus curae.  I just wrote "This.""

HydroTech:  "The critic gave my stuffed trout two thumbs up.  This!"

CBKWit:  It is unclear what CBKWit says, insomuch as we've never heard him ever say anything.


So, congratulations, Rishi.  You finally accomplished something vaguely approaching success with a creative endeavor.  Now, here's hoping NBC picks up your new sitcom "This."



Also, Maharg wrote something for This:



This. in Dutch is dit, dit hier
This. in French is lequel, celle-ci, celui-ci, ceci, cet
This. in German is diese, dies, diesem, dieses, dieser
This. in Latin is is ea id, hic haec (hec ) hoc
This. in Portuguese is isto
This. in Spanish is esto, esotro, esta, estas
This. in Swedish is detta, denna


This can be said in many languages and in many ways. But to understand it’s true meaning, let’s take a look at how it can be defined


As a demonstrative pronoun, this denotes something that is present or near in place or time, or something just mentioned, or that is just about to be mentioned.


As an adjective, this has the same demonstrative force as the pronoun, but is followed by a noun; as, this book; this way to town.


So now we’ve seen a couple different ways to look at This. but how much do we really understand it? Not at all. To really get the gist of this, we’ll need two definitions. First, I’ll ask HolmoePhobe to define This. and then I’ll give my own unique description.


HolmoePhobe: This" is a proximal demonstrative. It is used to indicate what one is referring to, and is therefore often followed by a noun or pronoun.

Examples of its usage would include:
-(TwistNHook, to Mrs. TwistNHook) "Does this scarf make me look like the guy from Twilight?"
-(Rollonubears, to anyone) "I am toads too young to understand what this discussion is about."
-(HolmoePhobe, to The Maharg) "See this sword? I'm going to kill you with it.


The Maharg: This.






Next up, we have quite the matchup.  12 v 13!  Wow!  Somebody's Bitter is a #12 seed, while It's A Trap (Akbar) is a #13 seed.  It's A Trap was quite the trap for DBall's Nyan In You.  Could it be a trap for Somebody's Bitter?  And then perhaps even Sanchez????? 

Somebody's Bitter upset This Is Watercube!  Thats a HUGE upset, because I loved Watercube! 

I honestly think that Trap will win this one.  Bitter was lucky to get past Watercube.  Its limited in scope, used mostly to mock our previous overlords.  But everybody loves Star Wars!  Plus!  Plus, It's A Trap also is a trap.  So, it has that going for it. 

Let's not forget that Nyan v. Trap was perhaps THE matchup of the first round.  Trap beat Nyan by 1 vote just as the time was expiring.  A true Meme Madness Buzzer Beater!


Somebody's Bitter (12)



We used to not be here.  We used to be elsewise.  Barbarians on the outside, looking in.  And there was one man, one God-like man, holding fort against us barbarians.  Tedford Is God was running this place by himself, both Tedfordding and Godding his ass off.  But like most things run by a single person, like white people and the Masons, all good things had to come to an end.

And soon we were kicking the tires on this place and then, well, ok, let's be honest, holding Tedford Is God down and beating the shit out of him.  He fled to greener pastures and when he FINALLY returned, I met him at the gate of the recently refurbished kingdom with one phrase and one phrase alone "SOMEBODY'S BITTER!" 

Everytime he made any comment, any comment at all, I'd respond with "Somebody's Bitter."  Eventually, even Tedford Is God got in on the act! 

This is an oldy, but a goody, mocking the hard work and dedication that Tedford Is God put in before leaving.  Because if there's one thing that disgusts me it's hard work and dedication.


It's A Trap (13) via Maharg

Throughout the internet, Admiral Akbar has been glorified for his identification of potential traps. It’s been well established that he knows when something is or is not a trap, and many internet commenters have attempted to replicate that knowledge. Personally, that’s something I’ve never tried, because I’ve always known exactly what that leads to, and IT’S A TRAP!!!

So imagine the surprise of CGB, as we approached the Maryland game and recognized the potential for traps upcoming. Naturally, we all expected Maryland to throw out some kind of trap, but it wasn’t until the week before the game that we expected a tarp. Specifically a turtle tarp. It was a tarp, a Turtle Tarp (it’s kind of like a monster mash, but more dangerous!!! Quickly, we realized that the tarp was even more dangerous than a normal trap, and reacted in the natural way. That week we played many games, among them were Truth or Trutle, Truth or Turtle, Trust or Tarp, and many other games in that vein.



Those damn terps through out so many tarps that we couldn’t anticipate all of them, and were left covered under a tarp while they trapped our team with humidity. Spazzy summarized the issue well in our Q&A with Testudo Times "Those Terps talk tough, though. The Trutle tarps that turtles throw tend to trap tame threats. Trutle turtle tarp trap terp tip top tiddly tum tum." Terps, Tarps and Traps. Where’s Akbar when we need him?