DBD 6.11.09 Musical Tastes?

We'll be updating the voting results for the Hall of Fame Posts every so often, just to make sure people know how things are going. rollonubears's DBD is right below, unedited.

Day 1 results:

#1 Tony Gonzalez 83% (40 votes) vs #16 Hardy Nickerson 17% (8 votes)

#8 Rod Benson 44% (22 votes) vs #9 Ryan Anderson 56% (28 votes)

#4 Joe Igber 85% (29 votes) vs #13 Will Ta'ufo'ou 15% (5 votes)

#5 Sean Lampley 41% (14 votes) vs #12 Matt Biondi 59% (20 votes)


I have noticed recent DBDs have been more centered around discussion topics and less centered around the life of Twist. And I know a lot of you guys used to be in Cal's band and everyone loves music. So I thought this would be an interesting topic: what is your guys' favorite type of music? Band? Artist? Instrument? Also, what instruments do you guys play?

I play drums and I dabble in ukulele. My favorite bands: MGMT, Justice, LCD Soundsystem, TV on the Radio, Fleet Foxes, Silversun Pickups, The Fratellis, and many many more. How about you?

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