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CGB Meme Invitational - Nyan In You (4) v. It's A Trap (13)

Ok, here is the 4 v. 13 matchup. You've got the Nyan in you v. It's A Trap. Read the information behind the fold and then vote in the Poll.

This is sort of an eclectic matchup. The Nyan In You, a tagline created wholly out of thin cloth by DBall. For some reason the SBN dealie deleted what I wrote here. And I dont feel like rewriting it. So, just read below.

You've Got The Nyan In You (4) via DBallIsLoose

Gatorade…it’s in you. Mojo…it’s in you too. Intel…it’s what’s inside. What do sports drinks, libido, and superhuman processing power have in common?

They are all byproducts of intense research and development? Yes, that is true.

They were all developed in Florida? Well, they have mojitos, which we all know means "little mojo"…and yes, Gatorade was developed for the Florida Gators.

What else? Give you a little hint, because he too was developed by the Florida Gators



That’s right folks, its the representation of accomplishment, impulse, and superhuman power known as Nyan Boateng. When scientists began to study Nyan, they weren’t sure if they were looking at a molecule or a raw element. They are still undecided, but the early word from UC Berkeley’s chemistry department is that we will soon hear news of the newly-discovered "Nyaninmeum".

Reports of Nyan’s usefulness in social situations began to surface. It was rumored that he could benchpress more than Jeremy Ross, do the splits faster than Alex Mack on a greased dance floor, and do a little ionic bonding with hot coeds by merely standing in their general vicinity



All of this led to an eruption (pardon the pun) of interest in adapting the power of Nyaninmeum for consumer use. Fans of the CGB were the first to experiment with various uses of the element, and quickly the very name Nyan became an idiom, most commonly used to express skepticism or concern as to whether one has enough Nyan in them. In any competition, the greater the Nyan content, the better.

While the true power of Nyaninmeum is still to be discovered, we at CGB can say with confidence that we have the Nyan in us…the question is: do you have the Nyan in you?

It's A Trap (13) via Maharg

Throughout the internet, Admiral Akbar has been glorified for his identification of potential traps. It’s been well established that he knows when something is or is not a trap, and many internet commenters have attempted to replicate that knowledge. Personally, that’s something I’ve never tried, because I’ve always known exactly what that leads to, and IT’S A TRAP!!!

So imagine the surprise of CGB, as we approached the Maryland game and recognized the potential for traps upcoming. Naturally, we all expected Maryland to throw out some kind of trap, but it wasn’t until the week before the game that we expected a tarp. Specifically a turtle tarp. It was a tarp, a Turtle Tarp (it’s kind of like a monster mash, but more dangerous!!! Quickly, we realized that the tarp was even more dangerous than a normal trap, and reacted in the natural way. That week we played many games, among them were Truth or Trutle, Truth or Turtle, Trust or Tarp, and many other games in that vein.



Those damn terps through out so many tarps that we couldn’t anticipate all of them, and were left covered under a tarp while they trapped our team with humidity. Spazzy summarized the issue well in our Q&A with Testudo Times "Those Terps talk tough, though. The Trutle tarps that turtles throw tend to trap tame threats. Trutle turtle tarp trap terp tip top tiddly tum tum." Terps, Tarps and Traps. Where’s Akbar when we need him?