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CGB Meme Invitational - Loving Riley (8) v. Loving Longshore (9)

Here is the 8 v. 9 matchup. Marshawnthusiasts loving Longshore v. Olsonist/CaliSeth loving Riley. Read the information behind the fold and then vote in the poll.

Well, here we go. The never-ending battle. Riley v. Longshore. They did it on the real field and essentially battled to a draw. A painful draw.

But here we have it again. In meme form! Who is better? People who love Longshore or people who love Riley?

These two memes haven't flared up in a while, because the battle is over between the two QBs. But in 2007-2008 it raged on and on and on. People accused us of having a pro-Longshore bias. CaliSeth/Olsonist led the "Riley at all costs, because Longshore is History's Greatest Monster" brigade.

So, was Longshore History's Greatest Monster? Read the info and then vote!

CaliSeth/Olsonist Loving Riley (8) via Ragnarok

In the aftermath of the Callapse of '07 and Kevin Riley's savior-like performance in the Armed Forces Bowl, it was practically inevitable that 2008 would be the year of the Great Quarterback Debate. While us Marshawnthusiasts idly continued polishing our giant golden statue of Nate Longshore, and Coach Tedford flip-flopped between starters almost willy-nilly, a few brave souls boldly stood behind the candidate with just seven quarters of collegiate experience. Leading that charge was Olsonist and CaliSeth, 'zealots extraordinaire'. I'll let them speak here in their own words.

First up: CaliSeth.

Seriously though, I don’t hate Longshore that much. In fact I don’t hate him at all. From all that I have heard he’s a stand up guy. I just think he had his chance. It’s time for change. Even Obama has endorsed Riley. How can anyone go against the mantra of change in our current environment?

Vote Riley 08!

by CaliSeth on Jun 18, 2008 11:28 PM PDT to parent up reply reply actions actions 0 recs

How do you go about appearing more unhinged than a self-proclaimed 'homicidal psychopath' like CaliSeth? Check out Olsonist:

If something bad happened to Nate, something, you know, unfortunate, I’d need an alibi. Don’t even get me started, I’m not rational about it. My buddy who I go to games with is a Longshore fan. I just can’t understand it. We’ve been to the same games. If Longshore gets named starter for the Michigan State game, I just don’t think I can go.

I like what I’ve seen of Riley and his progress and I wouldn’t mind three years of that.

Stanfurd Delendum Est.

by Olsonist on Jun 18, 2008 11:31 PM PDT to parent up reply reply actions actions 0 recs

I'd like to just take this opportunity to point out that these comments all stem from a post entitled 'Let's Not Say Things We Can't Take Back Now'.

When Riley is finally named the starter for the Michigan State game
, the rejoicing (and gloating, and unreasonable expectations) begins:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, pooooooooooooor lil Twisty )-;

Do I detect some disappointment, Twist? :-) This must really make you depressed after your vigorous off season campaign of spin and lies to have Longshore reinstalled as the starter. (-: How are you feeling? Do you need a hug? Someone give Twist a hug!

Behold A New And Brighter Future – Our Savior – Kevin Riley

by CaliSeth on Aug 22, 2008 3:22 PM PDT to parent up reply reply actions actions 0 recs

Here's to you, CaliSeth and Olsonist, the founding members of the PRileytariat. May we all prosper in 2009!

Marshawnthusiasts Loving Longshore (9) via HydroTech

It all started in 2007. Cal lost to Oregon State. Then to UCLA. Then to Arizona State. Then Cal only beat Washington State by 3 points which might as well count as a failure and a loss too. Then Cal lost to USC. Then to Washington. Then to Stanfurd.

Who was to blame for this epic fall from #2?

The easy target was Longshore. He holds the ball. Everyone watches the guy with the ball. So when the guy with the ball throws an INT, everyone blames him. But what about the WRs? They sometimes mis-read the coverage or run the wrong route. But what about the OL? Sometimes they wiff on blocks.

HydroTech tried to demonstrate that the guy who throws the INT, isn't always quite 100% at fault. HydroTech suggested that other players on the field were making errors too, but those errors were less noticable because most fans don't watch players away from the ball. Some Cal fans bought this ridiculous explanation hook line and sinker. Others, most notably, Olsonist and CaliSeth saw through the smoke screen. Despite HydroTech saying that Longshore was a nice guy and always smelled nice, Olsonist and CaliSeth said he tortured flies by plucking off their wings, and that Longshore reeked of alcohol. Things escalated and got personal. HydroTech said Longshore was a hard worker. Olsonist and CaliSeth said HydroTech's gatorade mixing skills sucked.

Pretty soon Cal fans were on to HydroTech and the rest of the Marshawnthusiasts. It was SOOOOOOOOO obvious that HydroTech was either Longshore's wife, a friend or relative of Longshore, or.... Longshore had pictures of HydroTech naked and was blackmailing Hydro.

The Cal fans would ask, "Hydro, why are you always defending Longshore? Are you related to him?" Or "Hydro, why do you want to cup Longshore's balls?"

Everyone knows that the real answer is because the Marshawnthusiasts love Longshore very much and are all like totally BFFs with him!~ <3

Perhaps the Marshawnthusiasts should really be calling themselves the Longshorites or the Longshorethusiasts.