DBD - Cinco de Mayo & Best of CGB: The Instruments / Extracurriculars

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I thought it would be interesting for former band members to share what instrument they played while in the band.  Or, if you're like me...just share some extracurriculars you did while in college.

Onto the news & world report...

All links SF Gate unless otherwise noted.

BART's delayed through the Transbay tube.

Hats off to the Alpha Company who's helping take care of business in Afghanistan(WSJ):



Banks need more capital (WSJ).

UNC research team found that amygdyla's are 13% larger in children with autism (CNN).  I wonder if there's a way to slow amygdyla growth...

Obama's going after companies who outsource jobs overseas.  This is, of course, getting feathers ruffled.  I'm on board with this motto, but I have no idea if his solution is the one to go with.

Parolee raped two on the day he shot 4 Oakland cops.

In what really gets at the heart of California's issues, the Governator's threatening to cut Cal Fire - the agency that leads the wildfire team.  I guess we should be prepared for smokey summers for the forseable future.

Marin Sherriff employees hit $75 million dollar lotto.

Ten rules for travel (WSJ)

The bull market rallies (The Big Picture)



Van Morrison rocked the Greek on Saturday.

Frederic Larson, perhaps the best photographer in the Bay Area, has a neat photo out:




Favre to Vikings?

Niners rookies arrive with baggageLynch on CrabtreeNiners & Julius Peppers (Real Football 365)?!?!

KenCraw relives Oregon State '07.





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