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CGB Meme Invitational Second Round - UC Eugene Regional Action!

Here is the second round UC Eugene Regional matchups.  Read the information behind the fold.

Ok, here we have the 4 v. 5 matchup.  Syd On Offense (5) versus CougCenter Week (4).

This one will be a tough matchup.  Both are very popular memes on CGB and I could see it going either way.

Syd On Offense absolutely crushed Twist Is Whipped, which makes sense because Twist Is Whipped is a stupid meme created solely by the modern patriarchy.  

CougCenter Week had no trouble dispatching Edit Button.  That also makes sense, because only Olsonist really wants an Edit Button.  And nobody likes Olsonist.  Nobody.

CougCenter Week (4) via Maharg

We’ve had a lot of weeks on CGB, we’ve had weeks dedicated to everything from Trutle Tarps to Hate. We’ve had weeks full of games and laughter (remember that time we played Truth or Tarp?). But none of our weeks have been as joyous since our original week. Now we’ve already heard the story of CougCenter origins from the Truth or _______ meme history, but did you know that CougCenter week was single-handedly responsible for more funny jokes than any other week in the history of CGB? Let’s all take a look at one of the greatest things that came out of CougCenter week, their logo:



If you all remember, we had some monumentally good times with those Cougars. Those Cougars provided us with lots of entertainment, who can forget these classic games:


10. Pin the Tail on the Cougar!

9. Hide and Go Seek a Cougar!

8. Truth or Cougar!

7. Hungry Hungry Cougars!

6. Sorry

5. Have sex with an older woman on the prowl for younger men.

4. Truth or Cougar

3. Musical Cougars

2. Cougar Twister

1. TwistNHook ruining Top 10 Festivities during CGB CougCenter Week.


So vote for CougCenter, because a vote for CougCenter is a vote for Cougars everywhere. Who doesn’t want more Cougars around here?

Syd On Offense (5) via Ragnarok

The 'Syd playing on offense' meme actually began from an interesting tidbit in this article by Rusty Simmons:

Two interesting options are cornerback Syd'Quan Thompson, who has shown his play-making ability on punt and interception returns, and Vereen, who could get on the field at the same time as Best, according to Tedford.

"First of all, I have to do my job on defense, but I talk to the coaches about playing offense all of the time, and hope they take me seriously one of these days," Thompson said.

Oooo, juicy! And of course, a rumor that enticing just HAD to be addressed in one of Jonathan Okanes' weekly chats:

1:16 [Comment From Al E Gator]
Any truth to the rumour that Tedford wants to move Syd’quan Thompson to offense?
1:16 Jonathan Okanes:
Gator, that was just a wicked rumor. Syd isn’t going anywhere.

Short, succinct, unambiguous. That should have been the end of that. But did the CGB community let it rest? Of course not! Annoying beat writers with inane questions is sort of a thing around here, and so the same question would be asked again the next week. And the next. And he kept taking those questions and answering them!

[Comment From Leslie Gardener]
Any chance Syd’Quan Thompson could be moved to offense next year?

JO: Leslie…don’t be a person that rhymes with hunt.

Why does he keep answering this question? Doesn't he know that, at this point, none of us are serious? Is he just playing to the crowd? I don't know, but I imagine we'll all be still asking about the 'Syd to play offense' rumors long after Thompson has exhausted his college eligibility.



Finally, we have the 3 v. 11 matchup.  Big Lebowski Debates(3) v. Replacing J with a Y (11). 

Big Lebowski defeated Pradesh A+M, which wasn't tough considering that many people had no idea what Pradesh A+M is.  Just like a regular A+M school in the NCAA Tourney!

Replacing J with a Y defeated I Want (Poster) To Do The DBD From Now On.  This was quite the upset.  11 seed over a 6 seed!  Wasnt even closer, either!




The Big Lebowski (3) via OakTownMario

OK you dumb ass "dudes," this is a contest here: Big Lebowski Debates vs. Pradesh A + M.  I don’t even know what Pradesh A + M is but I know this: it’s better than The Big Lebowski!  I said it once and I’ll say it a million times: The Big Lebowski is the lamest movie ever and anyone who thinks it’s a good movie is LAME!  But I bet you didn’t know that statement could get you killed in CGB?  I bet you didn’t know that free speech doesn’t exist in the land of CGB?  No, that kind of speech can cost you your life. 

You see, in the early history of CGB, the leader of the Lebowski Cult solidified control over the minds of the weak by horrible methods reminiscent of those used in Abu Ghraib and A Clockwork Orange.  With torture, drugs, and odd perversions we cannot speak of here, CBKWit turned Zoonews, Maharg, Spazzy, T-bred and others into mindless servants of the Lebowski Cult.  The sad result is that at every time one of these "Lebowskiers" speaks, he is physiologically unable to say anything without quoting that lame ass movie.  So whether it makes sense or not, all you hear from these Lebowskiers are things like: "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man" or "Fuck it, Dude, let's go bowling." Ask them whether Riley or Longshore is better and they respond: "God damn you Walter! You fuckin' asshole! Everything's a fuckin' travesty with you, man!" It’s really sad actually.  One time I saw Maharg try to say something intelligent, but then his body began convulsing, and he licked the bottom of CBKWit’s shoe.

Tired of this Lebowski cult, I started the resistance by proclaiming the truth.  But CBKWit couldn’t handle the truth.  He immediately sent his mindless servant Maharg to murder me.  But the Tyrant Boy King of UC Eugene understood.  He knew the lies.  So with the aid of his own personal secret service, he helped me escape to CGB North.  As if the hippies, body odor, and female body hair of the Eugene vassals weren’t bad enough, I had to contend with Maharg and his assassin look alikes.  There, I narrowly escaped numerous murder attempts at the hands of dorks dressed in football jerseys tucked into basketball shorts.  But I escaped back to CGB and the Tyrant Boy King understood my great service to CGB and erected this fine statue in my honor.



Meanwhile CBKWit has become so disturbed with the strength of the resistance movement, that he has been unable to complete his oft promised recruiting post! He senses that the resistance movement has grown tenfold and that soon all the world will know the truth: The Big Lebowski sucks!


Replacing a J with a Y (11) via Ragnarok

Sometimes, the stupidest memes prove to be the stickiest. The substitution of 'Y's for 'J's is a pretty stupid meme, but it's proven to be quite resilient. It's kind of like pig latin, except amerlay and umberday.

As with most of the stupid memes on this site, it should come as no surprise that TwistNHook, Maharg, Rishi, and JShufelt were intimately involved with its origin. Here's how it all went down:

Our story begins last fall, as the relationship between CGB and ATQ grew 'more interesting'. CGB posters began frequenting ATQ, and vice versa. TwistNHook, in our Q+A with ATQ before the Oregon game, noted an interesting trend:


Which Quacker is that? JShufelt? JTLight? JTakimoto? Why are they always with the J? Who knows?

Then, a couple months later, this:

DBD 12.17.08 Let Me Be The First To Apologize

for ruining what I can only assume has become quite the early morning tradish for you. Maybe its when you first get up, maybe its when you first get to work, but you hurredly scurry to your computer looking ofrward to the wild hilarity of the DBD. "Oh, DBD, you always know how to start my day right with your esoteric pop culture references and inane similes." Those delightfully inane similies. And you cant forget the metaphors. seriously, though, you cant.

And you laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. At least, until that JShufelt comes with his ever changing array of signatures and RUINS EVERYTHING. God, I hate that JShufelt. That JShufelt is the WORST.

In the thread itself, JShufelt responds!

JShufelt: I decided to come in here and be made fun of more!

That and to ruin you guys’ conversation, ala Jshufelt style.

carp: sigh…you’re just Shufelt when you post here…JShufelt when you post at AtQ along with your other j-friends.

JShufelt: I’m so confused! I don’t know who I am anymore!

Maharg: We don’t know who you are anymore either!

TwistNHook: He used to be so cool. What happened to him? He used to be so cool.

Maharg: It’s that damn J

TwistNHook: We should ust get rid of that letter altogether. Although that would cause the Draddy Mack to make me ump ump.

Rishi: I say we yust replace it with a y.

Maharg: I’m ok with that.

JShufelt: yazz flute!


Oh man, now that we've got an 'Anchorman' reference in here, this meme was *bound* to take off. Later in that same thread:

BearsNecessity: Randall Carroll wavering from his Trojan commitment

Looks like Florida is his top choice now, with Cal and Georgia in the running.

Maharg: I believe you mean his Troyan commitment

Rishi: I’m onto you, Maharg Backwards!

BearsNecessity: Rammer Yammer BANHAMMER

Maharg: Wait a minute… is Bill Cosby a Marshawnthusiast? yellowfever?

...and even more...

Rishi: Yahvid Best

JShufelt: Yeramia Yohnson

Maharg: YShufelt.

Spazzy Mcgee: Yaharg

TwistNHook: Well, that yust makes no sense.

Spazzy Mcgee: It makes nosense

...and of course, the classic...

turkey: QB competition for the Nut Bowl

There might be more Nate time

Rishi: If Yokanes said it, it must be true!

...and that's how it happened. See, I told you it was stupid!