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CGB Invitational - Chunged (4) v. TuckNJersey (13)

Here is the 4 v. 13 matchup. Chunged (4) v. TuckNJersey (13). Don't forget to read about these memes after the fold and then vote in the Poll.

Ok and we're in on this match up. Can the Marshawn Stiff Arm take down a man tucking in his jersey. One is ridiculously preposterous, the other preposterously ridiculous. It's the unstoppable force versus the unmovable object (unmovable, because nobody wants to get close enough to untuck that jersey!).

Chunged (4)

Marshawn Lynch is, well, good. Great. Nigh, unbelievable. And in 2006, Cal took on Oregon, as they are wont to do. According to the Cal website, we "mauled" them.

According to the play by play, near the end of the second quarter, the following play occurred.

H 1-10 V26   Marshawn Lynch rush for 24 yards to the ORE2, 1ST DOWN CAL

Of course, a solid 10 of those yards, Marshawn was dragging poor ole Patrick Chung along as seen in these highlights:



Some Oregon boosters will come and say that Chung managed to actually pull Marshawn to the ground after 10 or so yards of holding on for dear life. I'd like to think it was gravity. Either way, the awesome brutality of that photo has come to encapsulate BEASTMODE in all its epicness! And the phrase "To Be Chunged" has come to mean a situation where one person just plain ran wild over the other.


PS BEASTCONJUGATE! I Chung. I Chunged. I Have Chunged. Having Had Chunged. I Will Have Had Chunged. They Were Chunging. Isn't conjugation fun??

TuckNJersey (13) via Maharg

Tucking in your football jersey is an ancient art. A skill based in finesse, finesse that is not oft appreciated in our time. In all the world there exists but one man who still appreciates this art: The Maharg. I’m kidding; the person who still appreciates tucking in football jerseys is a Wazzou fan that The Maharg got the wondrous opportunity to observe entering Martin Stadium for the Cal/Wazzou football game. In an effort to turn everything in his life into a joke (and fit in with the locals), The Maharg tucked in his brand new #13 Kevin Riley jersey and entered the stadium. Once inside, after a brief attempt to locate the Wazzou fan with impeccable fashion taste, Kevin Riley’s siblings (sister and two brothers) spotted The Maharg and dazzled at his amazing fashion sense (the fact that he was wearing their brother’s jersey not that it was tucked in). In the rapture of meeting Kevin Riley’s family, and getting a picture with them, The Maharg did not untuck his jersey or even realize his folly until later in the game.


"To be fair, his jersey is also tucked in, as is Tedford's shirt"

Later, The Maharg wrote up his experience in Pullman and included pictures of his trip, including the picture of the Riley clan. The numerous readers at CGB then decided that anything about Pullman was so boring that it was better to make fun of fashion errors in pictures. It wasn’t long until someone was posting comments under the username TuckNJersey, and everyone was appreciating the wonderful fashion trend born out of sarcasm.

I’m just kidding, The Maharg actually thinks it’s really cool to tuck in football jerseys and does it all the time. Every single girlfriend he's had broke up with him for tucking in his jersey. The previous story was just something he made up because he couldn’t take the consistent abuse from oaktownmario. Now let’s all go mock The Maharg.