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CGB Meme Invitational - (Poster) To Do DBD (6) v. J with a Y (11)

Ok, here is the 6 v. 11 matchup. I want (Poster) to do the DBD from now on v. Replacing a J with a Y. Read the information behind the fold and then vote in the poll.

I want (Poster) to do the DBD from now on (6) via Yellow Fever

DBDs are like public service announcements. They're usually short, sometimes unintentionally hilarious, moderately informative, but mostly they provide a nice bit of fodder for people to ridicule in the morning while waking up to Cal news.

Other options for this introductory paragraph included:

DBDs are like ugly women. No one wants to do them, but everyone wants to screw with them.

DBDs are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

DBDs are like living with TnH. You probably don't want to do that.

DBDs are like Hydro's cooking. Dry, bland, lacking flavor, but filled with substance!

Of course, the fact that only a handful of people ever bother to do DBDs despite them being open to anyone to do hasn't ever stopped people from complaining about them. I'm looking at YOU, Olsonist. And YOU, 33SS. And YOU, oaktownmario. So remember, the next time you complain about me writing a WWE preview for a DBD, just remember. I want YOU to do DBDs from now on.

Replacing a J with a Y (11) via Ragnarok

Sometimes, the stupidest memes prove to be the stickiest. The substitution of 'Y's for 'J's is a pretty stupid meme, but it's proven to be quite resilient. It's kind of like pig latin, except amerlay and umberday.

As with most of the stupid memes on this site, it should come as no surprise that TwistNHook, Maharg, Rishi, and JShufelt were intimately involved with its origin. Here's how it all went down.

Our story begins last fall, as the relationship between CGB and ATQ grew 'more interesting'. CGB posters began frequenting ATQ, and vice versa. TwistNHook, in our Q+A with ATQ before the Oregon game, noted an interesting trend:


Which Quacker is that? JShufelt? JTLight? JTakimoto? Why are they always with the J? Who knows?

Then, a couple months later, this:

DBD 12.17.08 Let Me Be The First To Apologize

for ruining what I can only assume has become quite the early morning tradish for you. Maybe its when you first get up, maybe its when you first get to work, but you hurredly scurry to your computer looking ofrward to the wild hilarity of the DBD. "Oh, DBD, you always know how to start my day right with your esoteric pop culture references and inane similes." Those delightfully inane similies. And you cant forget the metaphors. seriously, though, you cant.

And you laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. At least, until that JShufelt comes with his ever changing array of signatures and RUINS EVERYTHING. God, I hate that JShufelt. That JShufelt is the WORST.

In the thread itself, JShufelt responds!

JShufelt: I decided to come in here and be made fun of more!

That and to ruin you guys’ conversation, ala Jshufelt style.

carp: sigh…you’re just Shufelt when you post here…JShufelt when you post at AtQ along with your other j-friends.

JShufelt: I’m so confused! I don’t know who I am anymore!

Maharg: We don’t know who you are anymore either!

TwistNHook: He used to be so cool. What happened to him? He used to be so cool.

Maharg: It’s that damn J

TwistNHook: We should ust get rid of that letter altogether. Although that would cause the Draddy Mack to make me ump ump.

Rishi: I say we yust replace it with a y.

Maharg: I’m ok with that.

JShufelt: yazz flute!


Oh man, now that we've got an 'Anchorman' reference in here, this meme was *bound* to take off. Later in that same thread:

BearsNecessity: Randall Carroll wavering from his Trojan commitment

Looks like Florida is his top choice now, with Cal and Georgia in the running.

Maharg: I believe you mean his Troyan commitment

Rishi: I’m onto you, Maharg Backwards!

BearsNecessity: Rammer Yammer BANHAMMER

Maharg: Wait a minute… is Bill Cosby a Marshawnthusiast? yellowfever?

...and even more...

Rishi: Yahvid Best

JShufelt: Yeramia Yohnson

Maharg: YShufelt.

Spazzy Mcgee: Yaharg

TwistNHook: Well, that yust makes no sense.

Spazzy Mcgee: It makes nosense

...and of course, the classic...

turkey: QB competition for the Nut Bowl

There might be more Nate time

Rishi: If Yokanes said it, it must be true!

...and that's how it happened. See, I told you it was stupid!