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CGB Meme Invitational - Rec'd (7) v. HIMYM (10)

Ok, here is the 7 v 10 matchup. Rec'd v. How I Met Your Mother. Read the information behind the fold and then vote in the poll.

God, I hope rec'd wins. I hate this HIMYM show. It's SO overrated. Does this count as illegal campaigning???

Rec'd (7) via Ragnarok

One of the neat features of SBN is the 'rec' button, which allows users to recommend posts and comments that they find especially insightful, on-th-money, or generally awesome. A couple of these recommendations, and the comment in question is highlighted in green and given a 'thumbs up', telling any reader who stops by that the comment in question in awesome, and is a must-read.

For whatever reason, however, the 'rec' button isn't always enough for some people. They need a more explicit way of expressing their appreciation. On some message boards, you might see '+1', or Rishi's irritating 'This', but around here, it's common practice to 'rec' something, then respond to the comment with "Rec'd".

CBKWit was the first to bring "Rec'd" to the CGB populace last September, but slowly, others began picking up on it. Rocksanddirt, Avinash, and royrules22 were all early adopters, and by month's end, 18 instances of "rec'd" could be found. As of this writing, 266 instances have been recorded, and more appear every week.

Some, however, were not satisfied with "rec'd". They needed to explain why they had recommended the comment. These reasons ranged from standard praise -- "Rec'd for an excellent situational analysis" -- to absurd -- "rec'd for the lucious creepy factor". Here are some of my favorites:

"rec'd for pushing a joke beyond the logical extreme." - Rocksanddirt

"Rec'd for not lacking in irrational and subjective hatred." - Spazzy McGee

"Rec'd for having a baby." - Rishi

"hooray! rec'd for san diego super chargers song reference!" - kittwin

How I Met Your Mother (10) via Maharg

Quite frankly this show is Legen-

Wait for it….

Keep waiting…

Ok, so while you’re waiting, imagine a sitcom that has the greatest character ever. I’m talking about a character that is more awesome than anything you can imagine. Not just cool, awesome. Everything he touches is awesome. When he Suits Up, it’s awesome. When he blogs it’s awesome. When he phone fives, it’s awesome. That’s Barney Stinson. And he’s an integral part of a long and (now) drawn out story about how Ted Mosby (Sex Architect) met the mother of his children.

Keep waiting…

If you’re still waiting, let me tell you a little more about the show and its place on CGB. There are a few viewers here who really follow the show, and like to discuss plot twists, predict possible angles that the show could take, go out to bars in Berkeley in suits, and generally reminisce about how good the show used to be. Twist of course, isn’t one of these people, because HIMYM is not Twilight. It’s a great show, you should watch it. You should also join our conversations about how bad season 4 was. But more than that, you should vote for it, because it’s a meme that keeps on giving. I don’t even know what that means, but vote for it anyway.

Keep waiting.

I hope you’re not lactose intolerant, because the second half of that word is…