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CGB Meme Invitational - Karl Dorrell's Mustache (3) v. Existential Pics (14)

Here is the 3 v. 14 Matchup. Mustache v. Pics. Read the info behind the fold and then please vote in the Poll.


Here, the battle is between two very existential items. The mustache of Karl Dorrell helps people look inside themselves and greater understand inner beauty. It helps them look past outer ugliness to see the truth within. It also confuses the shit out of Coach Rick Neu and makes him think Karl Dorrell is like 14 different players, even though its clearly just Dorrell with a different fake mustache.

While the mustache is existential, so would pics of said mustache. They'd prove it does exist. Pics prove a lot of things. Even things which technically cannot be captured by photography. Like Karl Dorrell's mustache.

So, yes, this is quite the interesting matchup indeed.

Karl Dorrell's Mustache (3)

UCLA has had some rough luck with injuries in the past. And in 2008, it was REALLY rough. Their 2 QBs got injured in spring practice on the same day. Then, watching UCLA v. Tennessee at the start of the season, half their team died in that game.

That's why I boldly predicted on that day: "By the time Cal plays UCLA, the UCLA QB is Karl Dorrell in fake mustache."

That wasn't true, but Karl Dorrell in a fake mustache coulnd't have played much worse than Dark Kraftica Lead Singer Kevin Craft did against Cal in 2008. Note pornstache won the "Which mustache will Karl Dorrell wear?" poll with 30% of the vote.

And thanks to Zoo News, we have some of these for a very special Inside The Numbers UCLA:





Existential Pics (14)

Pics or it doesnt exist is not a meme monopolized or even original to CGB. It is often used to ensure people aren't just bragging about a girlfriend or a new car. But I'd like to think we took it in a new direction. Like a comedy pyramid about what people used in the olden days (i.e. Epic poem or lo it did not occur). We demand pictures of things to which no photos could exist. Like for emotions.

Existential Pics makes you question all your assumptions. Are you actually at school right now? Are you currently have sex with somebody named Sean? Might you be a UCD employee/apologist? Are you emo? Without pictures, none of us would ever know what we are feeling, nailing, or emoing.

There's not a lot I can write about this one. Because without pics, this meme might not even exist. And I just plain don't have pics.