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CGB Invitational - Anguish Ape (6) v. Leon Powe (11)

Here, we have the 6 v. 11 matchup: Anguish Ape v. Leon Powe. Read more after the fold and then vote in the CGB Poll.

Each year, there's always a darling Cinderella upset pick. People always glom onto one or two teams (it used to be Gonzaga, but now its Gonzaga) that they think will make some hay. Well, here we are with one of the trendy upset picks. People are betting on Leon Powe to make some hay. I think that's because they don't respect Anguish Ape. That's, in many ways, because Anguish Ape doesn't respect himself. He's so full of self-loathing!

But you gotta respect! You gotta respect Anguish Ape. He's a true collaboration of so many people. Twist working with Zoo News working with their inner sense of inanity. Now, can Anguish Ape upset the upset? Let's find out!

Anguish Ape (6)



I wish there was something crazy cool when it came to Anguish Ape. Like I snuck into a zoo and taunted an ape until he felt anguish. At which point, I took his photo.

But in reality, I merely wanted to encapsulate the concept of anguish one day. So, I google imaged the word "Anguish" and took the first image I saw. It comes from here. Which appears to be a Malaysian blog of some sort. The tagline says "This ape is also waiting for his offer/posting letter."

I have NO idea what that means. But I do know what its like to wait for my offer/posting letter and man is it full of anguish! All I know is that Zoo News in his infinite wisdom slash Photoshoppia rolled with it. And started giving us stuff like this:


So, there you go. That's the story behind Anguish Ape. He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Anguished!

(11) Leon Powe being the real Leon Powe via Ragnarok



Well, of course LeonPowe is Leon Powe! But poster LeonPowe takes it to a hilarious, awesome level, pretending to be the actual Leon Powe, with gems such as

Leon Powe Approves
If I see anymore hippies in the trees, I might just have to go rebound on them fools. Don’t they know I was homeless?


I’m going to go practice rebounding now.

CBKWit: but you, Leon Powe, already have rebounding down pat. How about free throw shooting?

but but but
I enjoy rebounding so much.

If I’m not rebounding, I suppose the other thing I could do is go practice pick setting. Or ironing Kevin Garnett’s collared shirts

And even commentating during the NBA games he was supposedly playing in!

Leon's a beast! How could you vote against Leon Powe? As he says:

I’m going to the Finals. Like when I dropped 40 on Oregon

I wouldn't bet against him.